Let Go and Grace Comes From Within

I let go of the belief that I need to be hard on myself or anybody else in order to get anything done or “fixed”.

Every day. I need to let it go. Every. Day.

Today will be my best day yet for letting it go. I choose more and more to feel joy on purpose and today I am going to let myself feel it even more. There is no argument that I need to make, no point I need to press upon. I let it go. I hold in my mind the bigger picture and part of me and it has already been let go – I only need to complete the picture by allowing my physical self to also, let it go.

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It is okay to let it go. There is no Truth I am defending because I know everybody carries their own. I need not defend my space because I know that I can create more of it. I do not have to worry about what other people do, even my child, because the bigger parts of ourselves are already working together in complete love and harmony and I want to get there rather than act out of doubt, mistrust or fear and thereby contribute and co-create into the worry or resistance I am holding onto.

I let it go. There is nothing big enough to destroy our perceptional stability without our rapt attention to it. I Let it Go.

I revel in the freedom of choice and as I am aware of my freedoms and my intense desire to have all of them, I have to expand that grace to those around me in my family and I am aware, by how I feel, that if I try to restrict theirs, even under the pretence of worry and care, than I am not convinced of my own,  and I am called deeply to just let it go in order to Receive.

We are all Okay. There is no Authority that we do not first call from within ourselves. What we call Parenthood cannot override this, no matter how much we think it is the best way.

We are All Just Walking Each Other Home

And I am letting go, in my own time, of all of the old beliefs that say otherwise. And I use this to alchemize my closest relationships, but especially the connection I have with my child. There is not just empty space when I let things go, when I release it, change my mind, change directions, reverse decisions that do not feel good or right, or decisions that I know are an attempt at soothing a worry in myself – and there isn’t chaos either – It Just Is. It is the practice, setting up, fine tuning, re-writing, re-adjusting. It is perfectly orchestrated solo pieces creating new music together, finding the best rhythm, melody and learning to harmonize with each other. That’s it. And That is what we all came here to do. And it’s Supposed to Feel Good and Sound Beautiful. But we need to give ourselves and each other the permission to practice.

I let go of all of the beliefs that say otherwise because they do not feel good any more for me to hold. And I will not hold them to give to my son when he is older because I see no real reason to. I have the bigger picture to focus on and we are all free there. Free to Feel, Free to want, Free to Perceive, Free to Act, Free to be, Free to Think, Free to Ask – I have control over none of that in other people and I don’t want any part of it any more.  I want to allow that freedom in myself to be and feel joy and I want to allow the people that I agreed to share this experience with, those same freedoms.

I let it go over and over and over again by connecting with my truest response, that which makes me feel the best and most times, When I realize I am upholding a conditional belief, I have to then let go of the guilt for wanting to let it go, I have to also let go of the programming that says I shouldn’t and I have to be brave enough to follow my heart.

Because when I let things go, Grace then comes from within. There is a new recognition of the being in front of me as someone with equal perception, feelings, thoughts and wantings and if I have to assert myself to block them, I am not aligned with myself or them. I am big enough to step back and expand the space in which I stand to include all things to be seen and settle and if I hold that space long enough, alchemy happens and change is present in the way we understand one another and we move forward into a new space that is co-created.

To let go of the need to press ideas, opinions or knowledge on any one person is to feel expansion coming from within. I breathe more fully into my heart center and I can feel relief in the process. With that expansion comes a more clear space for solutions and better ideas and better reasons in which to connect points of view – There isn’t a lack of authority or leadership when everybody is allowed to fill their own space within it.

But the practice of letting go is in the every day – because every day is new day in an Old Conditional World that we are diligently reshaping into a New World Paradigm for how we treat ourselves and each other. This is the Journey. Letting Go is Necessary to Evolution. We are all figuring this out together and finding the pulse of our own joy, excitement and freedom. I am happiest letting things go that society still seeks to control in our children and I let go of the guilt or anxiety I feel about others perceptions of it. I cannot choose freedom for anybody else convinced of their lack of it and I cannot help their judgement as I choose my own over and over and over again.

I let it go. I let it All Go and Choose to find the way, thought, and decision that brings grace and unconditional love to expand within me and, as a natural consequence, outside of me as well.

There is nothing left to defend – only space in which to create all of the New.

Sending Love to All,





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