The Lazy Susan’s Guide to Thinking Thoughts

Continuing with what  is, I feel to be, Amazing and Exciting Energetic Times for Consciousness and Transformation; I give you this: You're Welcome. It is both Practical and Fun, a Good Time can be had by all; and now we can count Emotional Space Saver to its long list of Attributes.   But First: As... Continue Reading →

Let Go and Grace Comes From Within

I let go of the belief that I need to be hard on myself or anybody else in order to get anything done or "fixed". Every day. I need to let it go. Every. Day. Today will be my best day yet for letting it go. I choose more and more to feel joy on... Continue Reading →

Where the Cycle Begins to Break, The Light Shines Through

So. My trip back home. Yes, I'm still talking about it, processing it...using it for further and future growth - but this part was also pretty big for me. A cycle of violence is broken. My son remembers when I used to spank him. He is 8 now and I stopped when he was 5.... Continue Reading →

Morning Thoughts

Up at an Early Hour This Morning Before My Sessions and came across these Quote Blocks on another page and they struck me, not because it was Ayn Rand and it conjured anything I had ever heard about her - but because these are Timeless Words and it Rang True to What It Means To... Continue Reading →

Learning To Play

I have been uncomfortable with "Playing" for most of my son's childhood. When he was a baby, it didn't seem to be a problem. Babies are easy. I can play with a baby because a lot of it is just letting them be and explore, and you get to smile big and talk a whole... Continue Reading →

I Moved Away from my Family, So I could Heal

It was both the hardest and easiest decision I ever made. My mother-in-law had just moved back to Canada and she asked me if I would ever consider living there, too. To her surprise  (and my husbands), I didn't even think about it before I said "Yes, I would." There were a lot of valid... Continue Reading →

How I use Reiki

    In August of 2014, I reached a turning point when I went to the emergency room thinking I could finally be having that heart attack I was so worried about, but it turned out to be one of my (then) frequently occurring panic attacks.  They ran tests and nothing came back abnormal and... Continue Reading →

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