Reiki in your life

There are as many ways to embody and define Reiki, as there are life-forms. It is a truly infinite number; and we all have a unified, consciously guided life-force already and always flowing through each and every one of us. 

The art and action of Reiki is in the remembering the divine expression of our individual life-force – it serves and shapes the wholeness of who we are and it is complimentary to everything we want to do, be or have while we are visiting these physical bodies. 

Remembering your Reiki connection can only serve you in the highest, possible good. It is not just about healing your physical body, but it is also about aligning and centering your thought and emotional energy, as well.

It is acknowledging the bigger picture of who you are and anchoring that connection so that the unfolding of your path and your purpose feels better and better. 

Reiki will define and clarify your inner-most voice and empower you to honour and follow it because it is the bridge to your conscious, divinely guided connection that is eager to take you where you want to go in this life experience.

Reiki is many, many things and its influence is boundless. You are worth the ease and peace of mind it can deliver. Discover how it can unfold for you 

Choosing your own Reiki Path

Needing Relief and Relaxation

I come to your space and we can experience a Reiki healing session. I bring my own table/supplies. We would just need a space you feel comfortable in and that  which we would not be disturbed, plus your own pillow and blanket.
First appointments usually take around 90 min. and the energy exchange is $100.
Subsequent appointments are 60 min for $85.00
Buy 3 sessions for $220.00

Perspective shifting and Relief

Reiki can be received through coaching, relaxation session and meditation; or a combination!.
30 min coaching + 30 min Reiki. Dedicate more time to coaching or relaxation, as you like. We meet at a location of your choice (your home, coffee, nature, ect. ) and we start clearing the energetic obstacles that keep you from enjoying and living your best life.
Individual sessions $70.00 or buy 3 sessions for $180.00

Connecting to Reiki in Nature

Weather permitting, we can meet at a park/beach. Different options/locations available.  50 min. session. 30 min. coaching/20 min. Reiki meditation/balancing.

Introduction to Reiki in your life and Mini-session

Let’s meet at a library and discuss how learning Reiki could work best for you and experience a 15 min. mini session. 45 min. $30.00

Online Coaching and Distant Healing

What do you want to improve in your life? Experience an energetic and perspective shift through opening up a dialogue through email and receive distant healing.
$50.00 per 3 emails/1 distant healing session.
Payments preferred by Email Money Transfer and/or cash when meeting in person.

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