May 21, 2016 Full Moon: Choose Your Own Adventure

Sagittarius Full Moon Take 1!

Casting Call: Anybody who Thinks Thoughts and Experiences Emotional Changes quite frequently.


You’re perfect for this part – it was written for you.

Plot Twist/ Spoiler Alert: It was written by you, too.

Intriguing! Suspenseful! (And I don’t need to tell you about the drama, you already know about that one)

But How will it end?


This Full Moon Kicks off at 1 degree Sagittarius, in union with Mars Retrograde, Opposite the Sun and Venus in Gemini – The South Node of the Moon is in Pisces with Neptune and Chiron and The North Node is in Virgo with Jupiter; and over the next 4 weeks, the Moon visits and makes aspect, holding a Mutable Grand Cross in each of its cycles, ending with the next full moon, also in Sagittarius at 29 degrees. This. Feels. Big.

 This is Also Good News. 

This is the Energy of Consciousness, Understanding, Acceptance, Freedom and Coming Full Circle. This is the energy of our thoughts and how we get comfortable in the flow of them, how we choose our flow, how we know ourselves  – Our True Selves – and how that understanding shifts our awareness of how our experiences are created, by us; How they have always been created by us, and how they always will be Created by us. . Because that is who we are.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius at the 1st degree, Opposite the Sun in Gemini, in the 1st degree; is asking us to challenge what we know about ourselves and asks us to question the stories we have memorized about our self, others and our experience.

The upcoming lunation cycles are asking you to entertain other possibilities. Sagittarius asks us to reach higher for our personal truth, while Gemini asks us to question ‘What is’ –

What is the story I inherited from my family? What does my authentic voice sound like? Why is this my story? What do I want to change about my story? Who am I really?

The Nodal Axis in Virgo/Pisces hold a conscious space for the healing of these stories to take place. It also holds the space for a gentle cleansing and release of what is no longer true about you and your experience. How can it be gentle? By using the powers of your perception, the way you think thoughts,  and what you believe (gemini/sagittarius) in a Conscious, Deliberate Way.

This is the Awakening that so many are experiencing: The Awakening to New Thought, Higher Thought, Truer Thought, About them self and what their life experience means. It is the Freedom from Other People’s Stories about Us and a Collective Letting Go of the people, places, things, beliefs and ideas that Do Not Feel Good to Hold Any more.

Let a Conscious Awareness of Cycles help you Let Go and Step into the Space that is Uniquely and Souly Yours to Fill.

This Full Moon asks you to Grasp the Fullness of Who You Really Are and as it’s placed in Sagittarius – you know the answer is not a small one.

You are Not Small. And it does you no good to ever think or believe yourself to be. So Stop That. 

Just Stop. Sagittarius holds our Consciousness for Greatness, Expansion, the Highest Possible Vision we can hold for ourselves – That’s Us.

That’s who we are. Believe the highest about yourself and the Universe moves into moulding of that energetic form; Believe the lowest about yourself because of how other people reflect back to you through nothing but their own Unconsciousness, and the Universe moves into moulding of that energetic form. Whatever you believe, you receive the proof of – So why not change the beliefs about yourself and watch the proof of those new, genuinely good-feeling beliefs, expand before you into what you are now Consciously Creating.

The Mutable Grand Square takes the Perception of Gemini, The Analysis of Virgo, The Belief of Sagittarius and the Knowing of Pisces to initiate All Else. Before anything is ever Created, Everything began with a Thought (Gemini). So it is important to know your mind and feel secure in your right of Perception and your ability to Discern what is true for you. Gemini, itself, as the first dual sign in the Zodiac, represents the split from Source Energy (Pisces). This is the Duality between Man and Spirit, Energy and Thought – While Virgo’s function is to direct us towards meaning and Sagittarius expands our ideas of what we Create – Pisces unites and closes the notion of duality by bringing meaning to All – Acceptance to All – Unity to All.

Understanding Of All. This is the Alchemy of Thinking.

We are all the same human beast. We all have Desires, Feelings, Thought, Emotion, and Purpose. We all Think, Analyse, Compare while we interact with others (who are doing the same thing we are doing, just at different vibrational levels). We all have Intentions that are threaded through the conscious and subconscious recesses of our mind, we all believe ourselves into everything we Create and experience, and we all have a need to belong with those that resonate with us and we are all searching for Meaning in this great, big, beautiful, Adventure we call our Life. It is meant to be Extraordinary and Amazing.

Because You are Inherently Extraordinary and Amazing.

It does not serve you At All to think of yourself as any less and This Full Moon is asking you to Think Big. Who Do you Think you Are? 

If your beliefs do not make you feel good, Change Them! Let them Go. Release Them. At least entertain the thought that they are not true and ask for your highest self to show you the truth of your being. Sagittarius connects us higher, as though it is the pulse point for our spiritual self. In Pisces, our capacity for dreaming and imagining how that highest point of ourself manifests, is Unlimited – We literally can become Anything we Dream and Believe ourselves to be.

The Last Quarter Moon on May 29 is in Pisces (Meaning), Squaring the Sun/Venus (Inner Compass) Pairing in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius (Creating) and is Opposite the North Node and Jupiter (Future and Beliefs) in Virgo.

What is your reality?  How are you thinking thoughts about yourself and others that directly effect your present moment and future days? How do you feel about yourself? How do you want to feel about yourself? What is your dream about yourself? How much love can you feel for yourself? How much love can you feel for your entire experience? Everything happens for a reason – Can you see the reasons thread through  who you see yourself to be and can you use the reasons to propel the vision of yourself Higher and held Only in Absolute, Unconditional Love?

These are the questions that will lead us to the New Moon in Gemini on June 4th. How can we direct these new thoughts about ourself. Where will our new beliefs take us? Who do we think we are? And Can we feel worthy enough to hold that space long enough to Create What we have been Dreaming of?

All of Creation begins with a Thought. To Consciously Choose your thoughts, is to Consciously Create Who You Are –

This is what the Awakening is All About – The Alchemy of Thought, the alignment with purpose and meaning, the knowing of your true self and the Unlimited potential and power that has Always been within.

The planetary energy over the next month holds the Conscious Space open for Change, Alignment and a deep Realization of something very true to you – the question is:

Are you ready?  To Choose the next chapter, to believe yourself bigger, to feel an abundance of security and unconditional love that you have only been chasing in others, but are you ready to come back home to yourself, where its been all along?

So… Are you Ready?

take the step

Challenge the beliefs you hold about your worth and what you love
may 3rd qtr moon
Dream Big for yourself – There are no limitations to what you can achieve.

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