It is Not Who You Are – It is What Has Happened to You

Originally Written 2013   I think this has to be my mantra for awhile. So often..and by often I really mean all of the time, when I have a panic attack, mood swing, intense anger, my rational thinking brain is reduced to a hellish tunnel vision on what is wrong with me personally. It is... Continue Reading →

Rage Against the Machine

Originally Posted/Written 2013 That is probably not a very inventive title – I’m sure it’s been thought of before. But here I am claiming it for myself. I’m an angry girl. I believe my emotional self to be around 11. Only, I look back at myself at 11 and marvel at how “mature” I was.... Continue Reading →

Trust Fall

2014 I don’t know if I fit the qualifications to be a poster child for “Daddy Issues”, but I certainly have them, and they certainly affect my life and my relationships. I trust no one. And I don’t know if it counts that I say I trust certain people “as much as I can”. What... Continue Reading →

Battle Ship: Emotions Edition

For as much strategy as we put into our life and the way our days unfold; there is that possibility that something comes along that either derails plans or shatters expectations. There is a moment, smaller than the space of a breath, where something is decided in your brain. Are you in danger or otherwise... Continue Reading →

The Inner Critic and Toxic Shame: The Damaging Duo

I made the decision over two years ago to leave my hometown; putting roughly 364 miles between me and the first 31 years of my life. About a year in, I finally asked myself this question: “Why do I fucking hate myself so much!!??!?!” It was a violent hate. It was a condemning, condescending, vitriolic... Continue Reading →

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