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My name is Rose Birt. I practice and teach Reiki Therapy in the Durham Region and have trained with Bebo Mia in Toronto as a Maternal Support Provider (Birth and Postpartum Doula).

I consider myself a Full Spectrum Doula in that Reiki is adaptable for all life events and circumstances. Not only is it beneficial in helping a woman feel at ease and comfortable before, during and after birth, but also through every one of life’s transitions. Male or Female, Reiki offers the spiritual support and assistance that can make each shift easier to navigate and transcend.

I also practice and advocate for Connected Parenting and knowing your children in the most empowering way possible. We are the best parents for our children and our children are here to teach us something invaluable about purpose, presence and what it means to allow and support each other as individuals. This relationship can be tricky to navigate at times, but it gets better and better the more conscious and aware we are as parents.

Life is supposed to be fun and purpose filled. We are meant to feel satisfaction, ease and acceptance to be who we are. In a world where that does not seem to be easy, it is up to us to take control over the only thing we can: Our Self, Our Emotions, Our Thoughts, Our Beliefs and how we choose to be in this world, with others. We can heal from anything and we can direct the flow of our own energy in every moment we are aware to. Nobody goes it alone. We are all in this together.

I look forward to meeting you on your path.

Much Love,


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