My name is Rose. I am an Alignment Coach, Reiki Master and Mental Health Mentor with over 20 years experience as an Intuitive Guide and Practitioner.

I am the proud parent of a child who is transgendered and am committed to helping them thrive while creating connections and support for parents, guardians and family members who are wanting to grow our community and live in a more open-hearted and open-minded world.

Life is supposed to be fun and filled with purpose we choose for ourselves We are meant to feel satisfaction, ease and acceptance to be who we are. In a world where that does not seem to be easy, it is up to us to take control over the only thing we can: Our Self, Our Emotions, Our Thoughts, Our Beliefs and how we choose to participate in this world, with others.

We can heal from anything. We can thrive and we can direct the flow of our own energy in every moment we are aware to. Nobody goes it alone. We are all in this together.

I look forward to meeting you on your path.

Much Love,


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