Full Moon in Capricorn: Everything is Real. You get to decide what is true.

There is no shortage of stories of how we are all handling the energy of the world today. We are all doing the best we can. Yes. All of us. Where ever we are, from whatever level of consciousness we hold and communicate through, we are all just doing our best. It can be easy... Continue Reading →

Just for Today

The 5 Reiki precepts or intentions are just the beginning of your practice. You will add to them in your own way and in your own time; they will reflect where you are on your own path and how you want to feel for the day. Relax into what you are working on in yourself.... Continue Reading →

Reiki as an Anchor into Being

Transitions Reiki + Soul-Centered Coaching Services

11 Years ago, I wrote in one of my journals how I wanted to look up the One Yoga and Meditation place in our small town because they were holding Reiki classes. I mused that it was funny that Reiki/Astrology/Tarot were passions of mine, but I worked in an office. I wrote about a faith I had forgotten as I read the words: “I’m ready for what comes next. I know I will be okay”

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The Dream Comes True: Reclaiming Our Imagination

Infinite Genius

The mutable cross

Continuing our exploration of Zero-Point Astrology, let’s begin looking at the three crosses, the cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Although it might be logical to start with the cardinal cross, as it is the first of the series, instead let’s look first at the last of the three, the mutable.

June is a powerful month, particularly for those of us with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, which are the mutable signs. Right now we are having a fairly long-term mutable t-square, between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo. In late May, early June 2016, when the Sun goes through Gemini, we will have a chance to feel and heal the mutable cross with a powerful mutable grand square.

With this grand square we will probably find that the general insanity ramps up considerably, as the world is…

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“Talking the Talk” on Death

I am not Immune to Fear. This is apparent as I am intending to be as Conscious as Possible when observing my son's fears. And it is also apparent that there are fears I am still clearing as I can struggle to allow my son full expression of his fears. I want to reason with... Continue Reading →

“Walking the Walk” On Death

So my son is having bouts of separation anxiety again and worrying over if I'm going to die... and I'm doing something that I've never done before. I am guaranteeing my safety, security and my life, over and over again.   I remember when he first started having this anxiety when he was around 4... Continue Reading →

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