Shine A Light Through

I have not read or watched any of the news coverage on the latest events in Brussels. Despite anything that happens in the world, I choose not to view it through the filter of fear. And do not kid yourself about the dominant vibration of our news media - it is the vibration of fear.... Continue Reading →

Reiki as an Anchor into Being

11 Years ago, I wrote in one of my journals how I wanted to look up the One Yoga and Meditation place in our small town because they were holding Reiki classes. I mused that it was funny that Reiki/Astrology/Tarot were passions of mine, but I worked in an office. I wrote about a faith... Continue Reading →

Where the Cycle Begins to Break, The Light Shines Through

So. My trip back home. Yes, I'm still talking about it, processing it...using it for further and future growth - but this part was also pretty big for me. A cycle of violence is broken. My son remembers when I used to spank him. He is 8 now and I stopped when he was 5.... Continue Reading →

So, it’s only a little awkward when your child asks your father why he was mean and angry when mommy was little. .

And by "A little Awkward", I mean - "Totally, Completely, I'd rather be anywhere fucking else than in this spot, Awkward. " I recently made a trip back home to see my family. It was the first one in 2 years, but the longest I had ever been away from "home" and from seeing my... Continue Reading →


Is the only word I have to describe how I have felt since I have returned back from my trip to see my family. It was a great trip. The first one where I was consciously navigating myself through all of my interactions, all of the get-together's. It was the first time where I did... Continue Reading →

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