Just For Today: The Beauty, The Simplicity, and The Choice of Reiki

I love Awareness. I love the feeling of Clarity and the exhilaration of Knowing. I love the comfort of Certainty and the Peace of Loving Intentions.

I love the Freedom and Reality of Choice.

I love what Reiki has shown me and brought into my Life Experience.


Reiki-Principles-Web-300x230 (1)
The 5 Reiki Precepts

There are slight variations, depending on who you ask, and I’m sure every practitioner can interpret the 5 precepts in a myriad of different ways, but what I want to touch on is The Choice that exists in each of these precepts.

First Off, I will explain that Reiki Finds You. Reiki Responds to the Call you Put out into the Universe and it will burgeon itself into your Awareness, over and over until it can be assimilated in its right and proper time. If you come to an awareness of Reiki, you have called it to you by way of questions and desires and it comes to you in the form of an Answer. It presents you with incredible opportunity to choose something different.

I was 19 when I came across my first book on Reiki and I read it, found it interesting, fascinating; I imagined I could use it and do it… but I didn’t understand anything about it. I ended up losing that book and a couple of years later, I came across a yoga studio who held Reiki Certifications – I still wanted to learn more, become certified, I wanted to help Women, I wanted to help everybody. But I chose to not call them. I still didn’t understand what Reiki was or what it could do for me or how I could help people with it.

I lived my life. I had my baby. I married the man who loved me and grows me the most and we spent a lot of time learning how to be with each other, learning what it means to be a family and learning what we did not want so that we could focus more and better on what we do want. We moved to inspire change ( or we were inspired to move to allow change ) Either way, we moved to the right place at the right time and Reiki found me once again; But this time, I was Ready.

I was Ready to Choose Myself.

When you learn Reiki, you are learning about the deepest aspects of yourself and connecting them with the highest aspects, which are non-physical. When you connect with Reiki, you are connecting with the spiritual, energetic part of you and All of the Guidance, Source Consciousness that is there for you.

It feels like Magic, but it Really is Only Awareness – It is an awareness that alchemies your thoughts and positions you as the Thinker, the Observer. If you are overwhelmed by your thoughts, it is easy to see, believe and feel that your thoughts think you and you have no control over them. But you Truly, Truly Do.  And the best thing about Awareness, is that once it is yours,  it cannot be Unknown – You Cannot Put Awareness back into its box, it is yours forever-more,  to learn, to understand and wield in your Life Experience for your greatest and highest good.

But it is also a Choice. It is the choice to keep reaching for the highest thought and it is a choice to let go of what is, that which no longer works for you and it is a choice to let What Is, Change into Something Different, Something New, Something Better.

Reiki is a fantastic partner once you make that choice to know and love yourself and that choice leads to more choices that expand your stream of consciousness to include a truly endless reservoir of Unconditional Love and Knowing.

So in each of those Precepts, lays the choice. The Choice of Intention. The Choice of Thought. The Choice of Feeling. The Choice of Emotion and the Choice of Action and when you are reaching for the answer from the highest part of you, the choice becomes more and more clear – not only in the preference to truly feel good as you choose them, but what doesn’t work for you also becomes more and more clear and by the sole power of your thoughts, you are empowered to choose different, choose better, choose higher, choose You.

Reiki is the Service to our self, first. Clearing the inner path so that the outer path expands to the clarity of who we really are and why we came here to have this life experience.

We live in service, every day. To ourself, our family, our home, our community, our desires, our mind, our presence, – make peace with this service, find yourself in this service and the love that is here for you, that in turn powers everything else; the path then flows effortlessly from you.

Reiki helped me shift gears. Through Reiki and its awareness of me, I became aware of myself as a Creator. I became aware that I was creating, but because I did not yet have control over my stream of consciousness, I was creating by default. The choice was mine and I chose to keep reaching higher and connecting deeper within myself until I now can only know myself as a Deliberate Creator. There is nothing unwanted in my experience and I make greater peace with everything else, every.single.day.

It feels magic, but really, it is only a beautiful, delicious Awareness and the consistent choosing of me and a service I am blessed to give.

Sending so much love,




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