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Births, Deaths, Divorce, Healing, Family, Parenting and all of the spaces in between will compel you to meet the newest versions of yourself at the endings/beginnings of every life stage. You can meet yourself there with compassion and grace.

How we prepare and approach these transitions, emotionally and mentally, makes all of the difference to how easily and peacefully we go through them physically.

I offer Restorative Reiki Sessions; Alignment Coaching and Mental Health Mentoring that can help soothe the transitory periods of your life and brings you back to your center. From that center, you can proceed in a more balanced and aligned way that supports and empowers who you see and know yourself to be. On a spiritual level, you are simply bigger than your physical body and tapping into the wholeness of who you are connects your experiences with a broad perspective and offers amazing clarity into your being and purpose.

I offer Astrology services to anyone wanting to expand their awareness in how they define themselves and who wants to explore the index of beliefs that we store within our consciousness; beliefs that create who we see ourselves to be and those that build a bridge to who we see ourselves becoming.

Through Reiki, you can connect to that broader perspective and meet your self in a deep and meaningful way, you will have access to an intuitive guidance that serves as your compass on every road you are on. Your emotions are wonderful indicators and your mind is an amazing tool – Reiki is an empowerment and spiritual consciousness that is eager to connect with the wholeness that is you.

Transitions Reiki  became the perfect name for what I do because we are truly all in this together.

If you are interested in any of my services; I am located in the Durham Region – East of Toronto, Ontario and I offer online support in many ways, as well.

Email me at to schedule your complimentary consultation session.

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