Grand Cross, Solstice and Full Moon – Oh My

Change. Have You Embraced It, Yet?  Have you Accepted that You are the Component of Change in Anything You Want to Do, Get or Be? This isn't so much about exerting extreme effort to enact change; but it is about Changing the Only Thing that Matters: Your Mind. If you have read anything about the... Continue Reading →

When People Transition En-Masse

These words are offered in the highest intention to provide a bridge of understanding for the times we are living in and to bring into perspective where we can go from here. As my views on Death are evolving, I do not hold the same reactions to these events as I used to. In fact,... Continue Reading →

The Dream Comes True: Reclaiming Our Imagination

Infinite Genius

The mutable cross

Continuing our exploration of Zero-Point Astrology, let’s begin looking at the three crosses, the cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Although it might be logical to start with the cardinal cross, as it is the first of the series, instead let’s look first at the last of the three, the mutable.

June is a powerful month, particularly for those of us with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, which are the mutable signs. Right now we are having a fairly long-term mutable t-square, between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo. In late May, early June 2016, when the Sun goes through Gemini, we will have a chance to feel and heal the mutable cross with a powerful mutable grand square.

With this grand square we will probably find that the general insanity ramps up considerably, as the world is…

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“Talking the Talk” on Death

I am not Immune to Fear. This is apparent as I am intending to be as Conscious as Possible when observing my son's fears. And it is also apparent that there are fears I am still clearing as I can struggle to allow my son full expression of his fears. I want to reason with... Continue Reading →

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