Why Reiki? Why Now?

Reiki is one of those words that enters into your consciousness in a way that is soft and subtle; and then it will ripple through out your entire energetic body for days, months and even years afterwards, so that you always seem to come into contact with it, somewhere at some other time.

It is the quiet tugging of the Soul’s need to expand, grow and be free.

Reiki, simply put, is a divinely guided, conscious  life force energy that connects and runs through everything alive and living.  It is our awareness and allowance of this energy that connects us with our own personal stream of well-being, ease and flow.

Feelings are organic within us. Nobody can make you feel better, or worse. It is always an internal job. But our awareness of our feelings is what empowers our ability to shift and transform them without completely relying on others to shift our feelings for us.

Reiki is the choice to focus on a bigger picture. Every time you invoke Reiki into your day, you are shifting yourself into a space where growth happens. But you are doing it Consciously, Intentionally; Deliberately choosing to create something you want to experience.


you choose to live a different life


Reiki reminds us that we are ultimately empowered by Consciousness. Our awareness is our powerful ability to shift gears and take control of what we experience. We come to know that nothing is random and that everything is in reaction to everything else. Reiki is the anchor we use to bring the unconscious, conscious in our own bodies and minds. You become a deliberate creator of your experience as opposed to creating by a default set of conditioned responses and life long habits of belief.

Reiki is meeting your whole, energetic self over and over and over and over again because in every moment, you have the potential of being brand new and in a state of regeneration.

You are always in a state of transition.

Reiki eases the emotional ride and calms the mental storms. Basically, it does whatever you need it to do to feel accepted, allowed, free, at ease, joyful and in love with You.

Nobody who teaches Reiki can adequately express what it *IS* to another. It comes from within you and how it expresses itself through you, is how it is for that person. It is Consciously, Divinely Guided Energy – and it is Consciously Guided by You from a connection you feel to that something bigger you are choosing to expand your awareness to.

You are not small. You are only as limited as you believe yourself to be. You came into this body with a purpose and a thirst for excitement, joy and unconditionally expressed love and exuberance of being. You do not have a life. You Are Life. Expressing through this body, in this time and space. We have never been more aware and have a more clearer picture of the expansiveness of our I Am.

So when you hear about Reiki, when you come across a book, a teacher, overhear a conversation – remember that nothing is random. If the words light up in your consciousness, you are being asked to remember a bigger part of who you are.

Why? Because it is Time. It is time we all take responsibility for our energy and what we know we do and do not want. It is time we learn how to manage our energy and use it for our highest good and to create a best possible outcome. It is time we step into our expanded self and be the change we wish to see in our families and the world.

Sending you much love on your path,


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