The Commitment to Yourself

What does it mean to have a commitment to yourself? What would it look like? What would it feel like? How would your thoughts support being committed to your own happiness, vitality and purpose? 

January’s New Moon in Capricorn is asking us to clarify this in ourselves because it will lay the foundation for our Now and Future Moments. Do not hesitate to ask yourself the tough questions about what your purpose is, and: 

  • What am I creating?
  • What is the connection between my emotions, my thoughts and what I am experiencing and/or contributing to? 
  • What needs to change? 
  • Which relationships are healing and which are hurting? 
  • How can my future look different than my past? 


The answers to these questions will come to you and only you.

These answers belong to you. 


With so many planets in Capricorn alongside this New Moon, we are invited to challenge the “way things are” and to question what is Really Real. Are we helpless to the circumstances of Time… or do we create Time? Is everything set in stone or are we supposed to use our ever-changing nature to not only always be in a state of metamorphosis, but  to be comfortable at every level of transformation  and to accept that change is our natural state of being. 

This is good news. It means that you are not stuck living in a circumstance that is detrimental to your well-being. It means that freedom is literally a thought away. It means that we can give ourselves permission to release the judgement of ourselves and practice acceptance and self-love. It means we can resume living our lives with purpose and creative fire. It means that we can connect with each other in support and not competition.

It means we are all One, because we are inherently the same energetic body. 

As we are bearing witness to many social constructs crumbling and shifting, take heart that you are here in this time and space for a reason. Your Reason. Your Purpose. It is forgotten within you, but it is not lost. Allowing answers to come from your questions is the first step in unearthing the light in which you brought with you into this world. We are shifting with the change. We are essential to the rebuilding of what we want to experience. 

New Moons invite us to create intentions that support and build our personal foundation in forward focused motion. It is the first step in knowing what we want and then preparing ourselves to release what we do not want and that which no longer serves us. 

How can you tell if something no longer serves you? It brings more unhappiness than it does Joy. In that, You are being shown a mirror of where you are and not where you want to go. In that reflection, will always be a choice. This New Moon can highlight the direction of your decisions and put the power of choice firmly within your awareness. 

Circumstances are not just thrust upon us. What you are experiencing now has been the paving of all of your choices and beliefs that came before. And what is experienced in the future consists of all of the Right Now moments that will be part of that foundation. And all of it is within your control: Your choices, your thoughts, the momentum of your emotion, your beliefs, your purpose, your reasoning, your actions, your contributions, your discernment, your acceptance and your love – all within your control. 

Your commitment to yourself becomes the indicator of how much control you feel you have. When you feel you have no control over your life, you are committed more to others than yourself. When you feel certain of your days, your direction and your purpose, you are aware of your decisions and how they make you feel. You are choosing in favor of yourself, always. This is also a good thing. The more loved and supported you feel, the more you can love and support those around you. People benefit not from you doing all of the things for them, but by doing them for yourself so consistently and with so much self-love, they cannot help but learn from your example of the best feeling way to be. 

It is how we save ourselves in a world that feels like it desperately needs to be saved. 

One by One, we are that world. We’ve created every inch of what we experience and the answers that flow to each one of us, will be the solutions we need and want to create in our personal future moments. And One by One – our world is changed, because We Are Change. 

Allow yourself to set the intention of releasing what no longer serves you and allow yourself the right of self-acceptance and self-love so that you feel free to explore what you do want to create with your life. Allow your purpose to come through to you in the answers that only you can receive. 

You are more powerful than you know and bigger than your physical senses can show you. This New Moon in Capricorn asks you to explore the reality you would create once you remember this deep seated knowing you have always held.

The time is always Now and it is always right to be the change you want to see in your life. 

Sending so much love to you on your journey, 



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