A Healing Collective

If we are still identifying with our gender, race, social standing or some other identifying labels of our physical form, we have not yet grasped the fullness and truth of who we really are.

If we are fighting in the name of gods and ancestors, we are missing the point of all that they fought for and taught in their time. In truth, we are as free as we have ever been at this point in human history and there is no greater time to realize and become what has long been seeded in our consciousness.

There is no right or wrong way to be an advocate. Not everybody can or should protest and fight the fight, because we only continue the reality of fighting and pushing upstream.

When we have done our inner work, our light spreads softly as we are walking our communities, serving locally and creating the change that is needed, one by one. When that happens, we encourage the worth and autonomy of every single person we encounter and anybody can realize wholeness from that start.

When the love is anchored from within and the true nature of the soul is felt and understood – then no matter what the work will be, the service is the same: Love, compassion, understanding.

Yes there are still experiences of what we perceive and feel to be human tragedies and atrocities, but when the conscious souls are leading, the freedom and peace for all are imminent.

Everybody is armed with desires, feeling, perception and words; and only through conscious intention can we create peace with our very own hands. Lending a hand, holding hands, shaking hands – transferring connection and unity through human touch and an open spirit.

No matter what our color or gender, it will benefit societies more to disengage in the fight and engage somewhere else that supports what we want to see happen.

Does your community need a supportive coalition between genders, religions or races? Start one. At your home or community centre, if available, and the people who will grow your intention will answer the call and expansion starts from there.

If we are less embattled with the systemic organizations already in place and more connected to and growing the people in our communities, than they will be ready and empowered if .. when they are called to lead.

We must make our peace with death, so that we can make our peace with Life. As long as we feel that there is life lost, we can not fully appreciate the wholeness of it.

We must broach understanding for those who “take life”. Because compassion is the Art of Reaching Out and their isolation from humanity has already manifested into more than the  pain we were already ignoring.

Atrocities can be absolved in the simple knowing that all of the souls who have transitioned from this plane of existence are still present moment and alive in consciousness. They are fine. They are more whole than they have ever been and they are already on to the next and the next and the next.

We are the ones who insist on being stuck in pain and disillusionment. And we repeat the same and the same and same.

Learn to love yourself so completely, so fully, that there are no words to describe or defend yourself to anybody else, anymore. You are simply love. You simply understand what it is like to be human. You are simply a bridge of peace from one person to the next.

You simply do not know the lives you will change from this place of wholeness.


~~End Note: This has been in my drafts folder for almost a year. This came through me as part of a guided writing session in response of trying to assimilate other current news events. It is not yet popular opinion to extend love or compassion to those who commit, what we feel as heinous crimes. But I feel that this still rings true in a lot of ways when I think about the world I would want to live in – a world that is shifting around us at all times anyway. We either feel victimized by our call to living life on this planet – or we embrace our wholeness and responsibility of creating every inch of it. There is no separation between us – not in gender, race, religion or even our response and contribution to humanity. We create it all. Even the Solutions.

Much Love,




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