Revisit, Review, Release – Move On.

It seems fitting that Mercury is making its final retrograde pass of the year at this time; Often a time of reflection and insight as we close up one year in anticipation of beginning the next. 

There is value in reviewing yourself. Value in hindsight. Value in the attention you place upon yourself in the midst of the bigger picture. 

Just don’t get stuck there. 

When Mercury (or any planet) is in retrograde, the movement along the orbit is so slow, it appears to be moving backward. But that is simply an optical illusion as planets are only forward moving in orbit. 

In Astrology, there is a saying: “As Above, So Below”; meaning we are made of star stuff, and we are mirrors of the cosmos, and in times of retrograde, I find this saying very comforting. It tells me that even though my progress may feel slow and even if it appears to myself and/or others that I am moving backward, it simply is not true. 

I am  just perfectly paced in my own orbit. Right where I need to be for whatever forward facing step I am getting ready to take next. 

Mercury Retrograde is moving through the sign of Sagittarius and that is our cue to listen to our intuitive voice. This intuitive voice is what holds all of the knowledge that is authentic and imperative to us. It is our evolved belief system, it is our hand held by the universe, and this period is reminding us to slow it down, reach out and listen with all of our senses to what this voice is trying to say. 

Mercury symbolizes all of our communication efforts and practices; and it is a busy sign! There is so much information coming at us from all angles and directions and it can feel overwhelming when we are unsure of the direction of our path. It can be confusing when we want to add our voice to the crowd of opinion and experience. 

But there is only one direction – and that is forward focused. And there is only one voice of information that matters, and it is your own. 

Sagittarius is the expert of their field, holding a pinnacle of knowledge that is gifted and crafted from all of our time spent on a particular subject. And no matter how you feel about yourself in this life, this fact remains:

You are and will always be, the Expert of You.

Breathe that in for a minute. Sit with it. You are the expert of you. You know how you feel about things, you know what feels good to you, you know what excites you and ignites your curiosity, you know what feels bad, you know the people you want to be around, you know the people you truly trust and you know who you say you trust, but don’t really, really. You are the expert of your whole mental and physical field. 

When you are tapped into this intuitive voice, you attract the other experts that you need. When you can be still in the mass of confusion, you will feel which step is the right one to move forward, you will know which specialist to see, you will know which treatment to take, you will know what you don’t want to experience and this intuitive voice takes you all the way there. Forward focused, forward moving, forward living. 

The truth is, whether you believe it or not, you create all of the experiences you have. You are the center of your universe, attracting and repelling all of the co-operative components that make up your day to day life. You gather, conserve and expel energy to make things happen, you light up, you explode, you join forces, you are putting it all into motion with every thought that you communicate to the Universe around you. 

As Above, So Below. 

It is our cue to take this time of year to reflect where we have been, yes, but it is also a reminder to rest in our power and know that we are powerful, energetic beings capable of creating a life experience that is fulfilling, expansive, and authentic to who we are, based on the ability to tap into the intuitive, intrinsic voice that is uniquely ours. 

Soon, the Sun will be shifting from Sagittarius to Capricorn and this reminds us that we can only feel as secure as we believe we are. And we can only believe we are if we are willing to trust that we have a connective link to the universal forces around us. We connect to those forces by intention and all intention begins with the desire to feel and think of yourself in divine terms. 

You create what you believe. 

What have you believed about yourself this past year that has brought what you have experienced? If we believe we are weak and ineffectual, our body hears us and we become ill. If we believe we are powerless, we attract those who would assert their power over us. If we believe we are worthless, we attract the people and experiences that mirror that belief to us. 

If we believe we are loved and lovable, we attract more love into our life. If we believe our bodies are strong, resourceful and resilient, there is always a cure. If we believe we are surrounded by helpers, we attract the resources we need. 

And if you believe in yourself, whatever you want to become is ready to expand into your vision. If you believe you have an inner voice, you will hear it more and more until it is most dominant voice in your thought space. 

You do not have to take inventory of all of your beliefs. This is where we get stuck in the review process. It is enough to be aware. Just know that you can always release what no longer serves you. You do not have to heal or solve beliefs that devalue you, just let them go. Accept that you have held beliefs consciously and unconsciously, and that some beliefs you acquired from others that no longer apply to who you are. Acknowledge that we all have a set of beliefs that fit our perception of the world and allow others to have theirs while you turn a loving focus to your own. That is all you control, anyway. 

And then believe in your ability to know yourself. Know you are the expert of you. Know you are made of star stuff and that you came into this body as an energetic force with a purpose that is yours to uncover and expand. Know that you create what you believe and then know that no matter where you are, you can change your beliefs in order to change what you experience and create. 

And Keep Forward Focused. You will always and forever be moving forward, even if you are looking behind you – but the going will be slow and can feel life-draining because you are not allowing the full force of your creative energy through you to create the something new that is ahead of you. 

Your inner voice is eager and waiting to connect with you. There is nothing but love for you in that space. It is your source of everything you have been seeking through everyone else, and it heals every false belief we have ever held about our human nature. 

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius is calling to you to tap into this voice for the start of the new year. 

How do you want to expand? What do you want to create? How do you want to feel? There is nothing that you cannot do, be, have or say. The universe is unlimited. 

As above, So Below. 

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and a blessed start to your new year. 

Much Love, 





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