A Bridge from Pain to Peace

you choose to live a different life


Starting a Reiki practice is a little bit like a re-birth in many ways. 

You learn to look at yourself and the world around you in a different way, you explore new choices, you build new pathways of thought and respond to others in newly conscious ways. Some people will leave your experience and some people will join you, but one thing is for certain: Who you used to be, uncoils and dissipates into the ever evolving, present moment picture of who you are now. 

Reiki-Principles-Web-300x230 (1)


Our world is busy reacting to each other and feeling powerless as a result. But something magical happens when you create and take the time to position yourself as peaceful. When you consciously and deliberately offer loving thoughts to yourself, that are as necessary to your well-being as breathing, you change your energy and the way people react to you. You  become the change you wish to see and the bridge from pain to peace always begins from within.

It feels good to feel good and feeling good is a choice we make and support by the thought structure we inhabit. Reiki takes the focus that is centred on others and trains it lovingly on our self so that our choices are always in line with our best interests and truest intentions. When we feel good, we cannot hurt another. And when we are on a Reiki path, we realize that “other” is just another word for “me” and that to treat myself with love is to treat others in kind… and a new cycle begins. 

Much love to all on your path,



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