Like the Eclipse, You need a protective filter before looking at yourself.

If you resonate with astrological events, you are attuning yourself to the nature of change. If you allow yourself to feel their energy, you become more in tune with your own. All of the Cosmos surge up and outward to shine our beliefs back to us for clarity and resolution; and we are encouraged to sync with nature as it effortlessly sheds one cycle for the next. 

There is no attachment in nature. 

Soon, the leaves will fall happily from their place upon the trees; as they have knowing that all is well and perfectly in place– so they let go, ready for the next stage. 

We are invited to practice that same detachment and embody the same knowing that runs through all of nature. Knowing is an active force. If the leaf were a seeker, it would tremble upon the branch all year long waiting to see what would happen next and in so doing, hold itself apart from the totality of what its purpose is. Can you imagine the anxiety and angst that might bring, lost in the insecurity of just being? 

We don’t have to imagine it, as that is how we hold ourselves in our lives, every day that we are not walking in the knowledge of our purpose. 

This is an amazing time to be living on this world. 

Human consciousness is rising in tandem to our will to live in an authentic skin and to be of an individualized purpose. You, like the eclipse, are a natural phenomenon, a sacred union of shadow and light and need to look at yourself with care and a protective filter to preserve the vision you held as you came into this world – On Purpose.

This eclipse entered into our consciousness when we are very aware of the shadows of this world and feel in danger of being eclipsed by them. Our conditioning has made it so that we are in the perpetual habit of looking to an authority and the holders of conventional wisdom to control the darkness and preserve the light – but there are no sides to take here and what we ask of that authority, cannot be done. What we are encouraged to see in ourselves is that we are the bringers of both shadow and light; and that the authority that we are seeking, is autonomous and absolute within our being. 

You were born with an inner guidance and an unbreakable connection to that from which you came. You have access to all knowledge and the freedom to discern what feels right to you. You are being called to feel into that knowledge and to meet that inner guidance. Only then, can you embody your own sovereignty and hold both light and shadow in perfect harmony. 

What you do in that knowing is the difference between the leaf that falls and the leaf that clings to the branch – and the more you know who you really are, the easier it is to let go of who you used to be. 

Cultivate the awareness of what you believe about yourself and ask where those beliefs come from. Remember, look at yourself with your protective filter because a lot of the beliefs you hold are negative and born from the unconsciousness of others; and as such, were never real and are no longer true for you. Let them fall away. 

Look at yourself with the same reverence in which you saw the eclipse and notice that when shadows have eclipsed your inner sun, the light has never-ever been fully diminished. It was always there, always shining, always bringing you the life you needed when you needed it most. What keeps the shadows in place, is the power of our belief and is the same insecurity that keeps the leaf clinging to the branch. 

Astrologically, Leo symbolizes the brilliance of our purpose on this earth. The light that cannot be hidden or dimmed and that which is outside the authority of other peoples beliefs and conditioning. You cannot help but feel the discord between someones negative belief about you and your own inner knowing that it is, in fact,  a false belief. You will feel the lower emotions of having been made to feel unworthy when all the while, your inner sun is trying to reach you with the brilliance of its light and the illuminating belief of sacred life,  trying to guide you back to center. 

We are coming into a time where we are letting go of the old to embrace the natural order of change. We are noticing more and more the cognitive dissonance between what we want authority to do for us and what is actually doing to us. Generations upon generations are waking up to their own inner light shining through the shadows of their emotional eclipse and feeling a connection to that life force that has always been there – 

What could you accomplish if you believed something different about yourself? 

If you were connected to the Source of life within you, how would your “I Am” statements sound? Take notice of your self-talk and how you describe yourself to others because you paint yourself with the brush of your words. Know that you can discern the truth of your “I Am” statements by how you feel when you say them – and let them fall away from you if your inner light disagrees with those old beliefs. You are the authority that allows this to happen, nobody else. 

Walk in the embodiment of your new “I Am’ beliefs and know that if they feel good, they resonate with your inner light and the truth that you are inherently good and pure beings of life. You have a birth right of joy, purpose and individuality amongst others and when you are connected to that Source within, you are connected to the Source of Self-Love. 

Always use your protective filter when looking at yourself so that you can behold the magnificence of your light even when the emotional shadows move over you. And if the eclipse shows us anything, it is that light can never be diminished for very long and that we are the composite of both in nature. And you are the only authority who has control over both within you. 

What do you know about yourself? What can you let go of? How does your inner guidance make your purpose known to you? How are you ready for change that is necessary and inevitable? 

All answers come from within. How you embody your knowing is up to you. 

Sending so much love to you on your path, 






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