5 Years into my New Beginning…

When my husband and I moved to Canada where he was born, I did not realize that we moved on the first day of Spring, 2012.

It was very much a literal and figurative “New Beginning” in our lives, even though I had no idea how it was supposed to look or what would happen on day 2. And as I woke up this morning, at peace and eager to see a new day, I couldn’t help but want to commemorate, in some way, the space between where I was and where I am NOW.

There is a lot to be said about when something feels right and when I had first entertained the idea of moving from Ohio into Canada – it just felt right. I had never lived anywhere else and cannot call any of the trips I have ever taken out of the state as “travelling”. At the time when we moved, I was barely leaving my house, I was detached from communicating with most people and I did not know how to be a happy mom or inspired woman; so when I moved, it was a move from darkness to increasing light, in many ways.

It took me about 2 years to detox my mind and heart from what I had grown up believing about myself and the world. My husbands unwavering faith and unconditional love held the open space that I needed in which to see myself with love – until I could see myself getting and feeling better. Once I realized that my self-hatred was self-induced, I began the path of self-love and radical self-care. I began to repave my thoughts and repair the habitual circuits of traumatic and victim-minded stream of consciousness that, up to then, was the reality that I lived.

When I started the work of choosing my thoughts and thinking on purpose – my light burst forth from me in ways that surprised not only my family, but it surprised the hell out of me, too! I laughed more, I let go more, I forgave more, I understood more, I received more, I gave more, I learned more, I became More.

And I practiced More – because I realized and recognized an unending divinity in everything I do and/or say. I have always felt like an “old soul” – someone who has inhabited human life on this planet time and time and time again. And when I stopped feeling tired from the chaos of humanity – I started feeling excited and in love with humanity! I realized that I am an “old soul” because I *Love* being in this life, I love the ride, I love the energy of humans, I love the stories, I love the abilities, I love the balance and perfection that is unfolding before us and I love our place in the creation of it.

In the last 5 years, I came into a knowing that I couldn’t take ownership of until it was the right time. And moving here, on the first day of Spring in 2012 has been a continuous series of being in the “right moment at the right time” That intuitive voice that has always been strong in me, made itself known to me in a big big way and it has been my faithful companion all along and ever since. The knowing of never being alone in this experience and of always having spiritual help is a message I am eager to share. The reflection of spiritual power and authentic communication is a service I am blessed to be a part of and I honor this day, not as only a new beginning for those who need it, or as an anniversary for progress, but because it is a blessed space for love to come through right Now.

It wasn’t so much the new beginning I was really after as I know that we have no endings and no beginnings to really speak of – but I started a new cycle and shattered the mould of one that no longer fit the way it might have, in a life lived long ago. I am excited about life, aware of my inherent power as a free spirit in this body and I am “new” whenever I decide to be. This “new beginning” like all of Natures Seasons came Right. On. Time. And I, in partnership with my Intuition, aligned with it perfectly in order to meet my Whole Self.

Let today hold the space where New Energy can come in and cultivate the seeds of change you have been planting. Let old habits go that no longer serve you and allow for a new vision to come through. Become partners with yourself, learn to listen to yourself and love everything that you see – let yourself bloom under new conditions that you set for yourself.


Sending so much love to you on your path,


















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  1. Rose, I just feel a ton of love bursting out of you in this post! I can closely relate to you. My visit to Canada in August 2011 also awakened in me a new relationship with life. Thereafter, there have been several events associated with Canada and its Nature sites that brought me in touch with my heart. Thanks for sharing the love and light that have emerged in you over the last five years of spiritual cleansing. Happy Spring 2017!


    1. Thank you for this warm reply! I have heard from a lot of people that Canada and its nature serves as spiritual ground for them. It was amazing how much it felt like home here! I hope you are enjoying your spring xx


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