Thoughts Create

Thoughts as electromagnetic realities
Thoughts Create.
They create suffering and they create healing. They isolate and they open space. They build momentum into harmful action and they build momentum into compassionate and loving action.
And you are the One who Chooses.
We live in a time that is ripe for the awakening of all souls who suffer on this planet. Never before have we been more aware of ourselves, of each other, or our desires of peace and wellness within and outside of ourselves.
And you are the One who Observes all of the Interplay.
Feelings are an organic part of you that can shrink or grow through your intention and focus. .. by thought alone.
In healing, you cannot wait for the permission, validation or even observation of someone else to declare you “Well” “Healthy” “Happy” “Loved” – because they cannot Give you those feelings. They are organic, they grow and flow from within you, first.
And you are the One who Controls that.
Healing is an empowerment to know yourself as a Sovereign Spiritual Being. It is your birth right, it is an integral part of you who are. We set forth to experience a physical reality, waiting to remember and reconnect to our Source, our Purpose, & our Power; and until we can, we think our life happens to us and not because of us. But we create it and co-create it with others, through will and divine contract. And once Awoken to this truth, we consciously move through this experience with more ease, more peace, more wellness, more health, more love, more choice…
And you are the One who Knows this.
Sending love to you today,

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