Aquarius New Moon: A Bursting of Consciousness and Conscience.

What a time this has been, already, into the new year. A new presidential cycle and old movements are newly energized – ideas are flowing, intentions are made, facts are changing and realities are shifting rapidly; and the cognitive dissonance that is bouncing off every person, place and thing is creating awareness and awakenings in every direction.

This is an exciting time!

Aquarius is well-represented here in this new moon. What we have witnessed over the past weekend with the Women’s March – the GLOBAL – Women’s March, was an awakening, gathering and creating of tribes. It was an outpouring of support for the Unification of Human Rights – it was an action of communication and a demonstration of what it means to Belong: all things Aquarius strives to teach us in its symbolism.

Aquarius signals the Call for Action as it holds the wounded memories of the past and the bright promise of the future simultaneously before us – and we are where we have always been: Right Here, Right Now. This Moment. With Each Other.

Artwork: “Embracing Eachother” – Kate Deciccio

We are waking up to ourselves as the agents of change we have been looking for;
in our families, in our communities and in our governments –
the answer has always been within You. 

This New Moon in Aquarius reminds us that in order to be the change, we need to change how we think about our self. We need to unite from within if we want to experience unity through-out. This includes withdrawing from people and their belief systems that do not resonate with your truth and consciously connecting with the groups/tribes/communities that reflect back to you the brightest and best version of yourself – because it is this version that is as true as any other and will heal everything that came before – it is this version that holds a united space for self and for all. It is this version that needs your focus, now.

The Truth About Alternative Facts

This is what actually excites me about Donald Trumps presidency – It is not a “Usual” presidency (Unusual being an Aquarian attribute) He gives everybody a lot to think about because, say what you will about him, but he’s authentic in who he is; and authenticity always attracts collective attention, both positive and negative. He is providing us all with his example of how he has quite literally created his own reality right in front of us by having an unshakable view of himself and his world. He wrote himself into history and he is going to play his story out for all of us to see.

Alternative facts is really just another phrase for Perception, quite honestly. It is how the individual sees things, how they experienced the events through their senses, how it felt, sounded, tasted, and looked like to that person. We have all created our reality based off of our own alternative facts about every event in our life and we can become traumatized or motivated to persuade and convince, when our facts do not align with another’s perception. which is also true…to them.  “Alternative facts” are as true as “Actual Facts” and Donald Trump will work tirelessly to convince us of that because that is who he is and who he is resonates deeply with a lot of people who want to be seen, heard, accepted, and validated in their reality.

As much as I love science and the classification of all things, we need to open up the possibility that there is actually no objective reality that we can all subscribe to because of the realities we create individually. We do a magnificent job of constructing a collective reality but it is at a high cost of war and oppression because we cannot agree on an objective one no matter what the mandate is – there will always be people who feel and think differently; and our imperative at this point in time, is to construct the reality that holds all realities; and we do that by taking a page from President Trump’s book and Create it for ourselves, one by one in our families, communities and online. His story is not anybody else’s story and that is really, really good news for everybody as we have always been the creator of our own, through the words, thoughts and beliefs we hold about our self. And We can change our story in every moment we are aware, to write it and speak it differently in the way that is true, authentic and empowering.

All Are True

Aquarius in astrology holds a trauma signature in interpretation. It is opposite Leo in the natal chart: the star – the purpose – and inner world of a promising light that grows dimmer with the comparisons/criticisms represented in Virgo energy and carried out through our relationships and reflections of others (Libra) – it can be extinguished when we enter into societal contracts like jobs and marriages (Scorpio) and it can feel like a crisis if we try to find our own truth (Sagittarius) through what we have previously learned and believed thus far – and if we don’t have control over all of that in front of others, we seek to cement who we are in the reality we find ourselves (Capricorn) – by the time we reach the liberation from conformity that Aquarius represents, we are so far removed from that inner light that if we cannot see ourselves, nobody can truly see us and we feel alone without a tribe. What makes it so traumatic, though, is that for most of us, we rely on our families to be the tribe that reflects the best in us – but that is far from always being the case. We believe what our families/close friends/lovers reflect back to the point that we cannot see light shining at us in the form of the individualized thought that Aquarius holds out for us.

You and the Aquarian New Moon 

In the natal chart, Aquarius forms a natural trine to Gemini – how we communicate and classify our environment – and this energy formation represents, in part, the inspired thought we receive that is unique to us. Aquarius is our own stream of consciousness that triggers our internal compass to be who we are, feel what we feel and say what we need to say, to create who we see ourselves to be. If we can understand that everybody has this stream, everybody has a perception, everybody has a purpose and lives a reality created by how they tell their story – than we can begin to understand how we tap into our own stream to change our story, how we align with this stream in order to calibrate our inner compass and pursue our individual path that may be separate than what our families have been conditioned to believe is “right”. We have to understand that for so long, collective beliefs have shaped our inner realities and we are at a time in our evolution where, not only are we awakened to create our own, but we are finally free to do so. By all standards of our constructed, collective reality, Donald Trump should have been disqualified from holding such a powerful position- but he tapped into something far more powerful that ultimately got him elected: the hunger for individual freedom to create and be secure in our own reality and President Trump embodies that perfectly, for better or worse.

This is not a time to be scared. It is a time to meet yourself, your authentic voice, the observer of all your thoughts and tap into the stream of consciousness that is uniquely and only yours. It is time to feel your way into your truth and give yourself permission to surround yourself only with the people who support that truth in you. This is  not a selfish thing to do, it is a self-preservation that heals entire generations, past, present and future.

Aquarius is about uniting the collective because each one of us are individualized parts of a Whole. And if this past weekend was any indication, we are ready to be united, but we need to unite within, first. Connect to yourself, your voice, your perception, how you see the world and how you want to see the world and then practice being that change. Don’t put yourself down, don’t accept anybody else’s limiting beliefs about who you are, find the lessons in your traumas and appreciate yourself for all that you have experienced. Write empowering things about yourself, find people who encourage and see the best in you, stand up for what you feel is right and change what you feel is wrong. It is the practice of every present moment to aspire to your highest point of self and it is through that practice that you can hold the space of acceptance for Others to come through to see themselves – this is how peace begins: at home, in our communities and everywhere we can reach throughout the world.

Get excited. The world needs you –but not nearly as much as you need yourself to be the change. It has always been your story – how are you going to consciously write it, speak it and live it?

Much Love to You on your Path,


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