Aquarius New Moon: A Bursting of Consciousness and Conscience.

What a time this has been, already, into the new year. A new presidential cycle and old movements are newly energized - ideas are flowing, intentions are made, facts are changing and realities are shifting rapidly; and the cognitive dissonance that is bouncing off every person, place and thing is creating awareness and awakenings in... Continue Reading →

When People Transition En-Masse

These words are offered in the highest intention to provide a bridge of understanding for the times we are living in and to bring into perspective where we can go from here. As my views on Death are evolving, I do not hold the same reactions to these events as I used to. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Shine A Light Through

I have not read or watched any of the news coverage on the latest events in Brussels. Despite anything that happens in the world, I choose not to view it through the filter of fear. And do not kid yourself about the dominant vibration of our news media - it is the vibration of fear.... Continue Reading →

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