Capricorn New Moon: Release the fear of seeing yourself in a new way


It really feels like so much is shifting and that it is hard to keep up with all of the moving parts, these days. With so much political and socioeconomic uncertainty, witnessing the transitions of truly beloved people, both personal and famous – 2016 has kind of left us spinning and  unstable in our next steps into 2017. 

Starting the year with Mercury Retrograde is no accident as we finish up this 9 year completion cycle. Endings and beginnings are one in the same – neither truly exist as we focus on the only moments that hold power within us: Right Now. 

And Right Now, the world is calling for you. The world being your family, your children, your ancestors, your community, your workplace, your environment – all of it is calling for the authenticity that is you, to rise up. 

Not in the way we are conditioned or expected to – that energy is on a slow leak out of our perception; But in the way that is fulfilling to your self and to all who would witness the light that comes from your ideas, your communication style and your courage to express it. 

It is time to heal the Imagination and our ability to see ourselves bigger than what we physically see with our eyes or that which is reflected back to us by the people around us. It is time to stop arguing with people about our worth and learn to feel love within ourselves in almost rebel fashion. Only, we have nothing to prove – we love ourselves because it feels good to hold love within. 

New Moon/Mercury/Pluto

With Mercury in Retrograde, we are in a state of review – how do we describe our self, what words do we use to talk about who we are, what we do, and do we talk about the past more than what is necessary (Spoiler, it is hardly necessary) Do we get lost in our shadows, do we focus entirely on the motivations of others – are we maintaining that we are victim to our circumstances, over and over and over again. Don’t we want to break this cycle before heading into a new one? 

In this completion cycle, we are opening our eyes to a complex truth: We are born into the past – our parents who had formed their perception of reality as concrete truth, raising us to be members of a society who already had ideas of who we should be before we got there, we were given the words, ideas, beliefs, meanings and opinions of all things and so many of us not encouraged, or even punished for finding new words, ways, beliefs, and thoughts about our self. None of that is ours to hold anymore. We can let it go. 

We are waking up to a knowing of what reality is, how it is formed through our perception and the thoughts we circulate around our self. We are able to see how generations upon generations have moulded the current climate through their limited and fearful beliefs; and what many call Mental Illness, is simply the crumbling of one belief system as a new one, a more Self-Centred (Not a negative thing, by the way), Self-Loving, Self-Supporting One, Rises into Place. 

We are starting a new cycle of loving our self and that includes loving everything about our self. The past, the present, the future – all rolled into one glorious, continuous moment of Right Now; seeing the shadow for what it is and using different words to put it into proper context for yourself. And then building from that context again and again. 

This is how we move into 2017 – with the ability to know our self; and with the courage that says we even can! There is no permission to be given, the world is calling for You. And there is no other You to be called, so why not be the You that you want to be? 

Uranus and Jupiter Opposition

This is where the ideas we hold about our self are either going to expand further into crisis, comparison, critique, and judgement; OR they are going to transform unexpectedly and in spectacular display of your authenticity as you begin to know yourself as an autonomous being and the truly free spirit that you are. 

Uranus stations Direct and we can move forward with this energy as we connect to our higher thought processes. We can rise above the incessant thought patterns, we can redirect thought, we can choose thought, we can anchor thoughts, we can change thoughts- we can see our self as the observer of ALL thought and it is through this practice that our individual brand of genius comes rushing and shining through everything we want to do and contribute into this world. 

Jupiter is asking us to find meaning in all that we do and to connect ourselves in meaning to all that we say, think, and communicate. All of the work on this New Moon is internal, it requires nobody but yourself to create this change. You do not have to wait for your parents to see you, or for your spouse to appreciate you; you do not have to wait until your children are secure in their life, or until you get a better job. Nobody has as much influence on yourself, more than you. Nobody is as responsible for your wellbeing and happiness, more than you.

It is time to release people from this responsibility and be happier for it. 

One of our greatest woundings, how I see it, is this: From an early age, the well-intentioned adults in our life sought to teach us everything about “Life” and in doing so, we get led away and conditioned away from our internal guidance, our original thought and authentic perception. We are told that we want to fit in because it is less painful, less scary, it is what is “normal” and we develop our complex through this filter. It becomes risky to think differently, we are subject to scrutiny and correction if we get labels wrong – words can be a heavy security blanket for a consensus population who need to know how stable their reality is. 

It made “fitting in” a sport and a contest, to where we couldn’t see our gifts unless there were many people who could reflect it back to us, but even then – the damage of comparison and critical judgement has already made its mark and we doubt whatever praise we receive – knowing there is someone just around the corner with an endless supply of 2 cents and an even bigger mouth. 

Uranus is encouraging us to streamline into our own individualized thoughts that are 100% supportive and loving towards our self. There is no exception to this. We all have a connection to love that exists within us and it is through that connection that all else comes through. We  need a big, healthy dose of self love to accomplish all else – this is true in our families, in our communities and in our dreams. 

When we commit to loving our self in this way, than we are free to dream about who we want to be. We can temper the criticisms and doubts of others who say our vision is not possible or worthy of manifestation, with the always undercurrent of self-love that is running through us, hungry for our realization of it. 

The world is hungry for this realization through each one of us. The shift that is occurring is a shifting of consciousness of how we choose to see our self. The story that is unfolding on our political stages is not Our Story! – It is their story and it is also “Old News” – we are creating right here, right now and through our commitment to loving our self through each of these moments, we create the very circumstances that we want and need to continue thriving – and we become less and less dependant on our inner circle for validation as we attract the tribe that reflects the individual spark we courageously emit – and we join effortlessly with these souls. 

Let people go, in love, who insist on focusing on the negative aspects of people and the world. And practice finding the feeling space of love within yourself. Loving yourself is a Rebellious Act until you begin to realize it was always the only way forward into a peaceful Now. And it is the only way to create who you can see yourself to be. 

Let Love be the new Cycle in which we find our self, and let it work its magic through you. One thought at a time – release the old, embrace the new – Embrace You. 

So much love to you on your path,



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