New Moon in Cancer: Freedom To Feel, Think and Change



Freedom is also a Universal Concept and Spiritual Right. While I love the synchronicity of this New Moon falling on the American Independence Day; Freedom is known or craved by its Nature,  in All Humans, All over the World.

Freedom From ________________. Fill in the blank – We all have a list of things that we feel contain us, hold us back, keep us from doing, being, seeing, and experiencing _______________. Fill in that blank, too.  On Every Continent, We are all focused on Freedom in a many, variable way in our day to day life.

This New Moon in Cancer is Awakening us to how we can Be and Feel Free Right Now, without permission or even cooperation from anyone. And because this New Moon is in the Moon’s Natural Ruler of Cancer; I see the focus of freedom in our most intimate spaces: In Our Home and with our families.

We can Feel and Be Free by Allowing The Changing of our Minds that enact the changes to how we can feel.

Two People Experiencing the Same Event Can and Will Perceive it, slightly or even greatly, different from the other. There will be a different set of stimuli activated that sets off Reception to different pathways of thought, reason and emotion – We can engage in the differences of those perceptions and fight to be Right in what we feel to be True – Or we can just accept that two different perceptions/realities exist and make the (free) choice to Feel or Think a certain way about an event; and with that freedom we gladly choose for our self, we grant the same freedom to the other person – they too, are free to feel and think as they choose.

Have you ever had to defend what you feel? Or a Reaction that you have to another’s emotion? Have you ever given someone hell because of their reaction to your problem? Imagine what it might feel like to be free of all of that – to look at heightened emotion and know that you have a choice in whether you engage with that, or not. To look at your spouse having a bad day and knowing that while what he is experiencing is true for him, you can access different thoughts and build new emotional habits that steer you away from conflict and deeper into an Inherent Reservoir of our own Emotional Freedom. To let go of Slights and Attitudes as proof of disrespect and acknowledge the feelings happening there – Should we not stick up for ourselves? We absolutely should – some people are simply not aware that they are shooting from an emotional wound – but we can choose to do it with compassion or indignation.

I have been beating the drum of Choice for a few months now. And this New Moon carries with it more of the same – We are Inherently Free to Choose every response that comes forth from us. We are inherently free to feel any way we want to feel no matter what the condition is around us, no matter who is around us, no matter how strong their feelings are, no matter what our government is doing, no matter what the religious climate is, no matter what our neighbors are doing, no matter what our kids are doing or saying, no matter what anybodies sexual preference is or no matter what Gender anybody claims as their own – We all have a piece of this delicious reality we are all creating in every present moment – We all have the power and freedom to change the course of our path, no matter how paved by the past it is; and it starts by realizing that the rapid fire changing of our emotions holds the key to transcending them. We can choose to let them go when they don’t feel good and we can choose to focus on any other thing, at any time. 

We can choose to stop believing that we do not control our own minds. We can choose to believe that in the space where our thoughts flow, we have a current of thought that can connects us higher and higher and deeper and deeper into Emotional Freedom. When we can control how we respond and react – we have a more powerful influence over own path and Identity. By knowing we can choose to feel any way we want to feel by the power of our focus, we cut the puppet strings attached to family members, spouses, children and governments – We simply can see what is going on and choose to not attach ourselves to that energy. We can see it, know its validity because it is being felt by someone, and choose what feels best to us.

This New Moon Energy is enforced on either side by Venus and Mercury, also in Cancer: What we feel, think and believe is entirely within our control and when we control that, we create with the full power of our being. We are Free.

And when any one person lives and breathes their emotional freedom, they set the circumstance to free the ones around them, too.

I have been working on this for awhile and it isn’t an easily understood concept, especially when we are practiced at finding fault with others and connecting their actions with our moods. We have become the habit of watching facial features to gauge reactions and reading in between the lines to really know the emotional truth of any one situation – and then we will entangle ourselves and our stories within anything we give our focus – and feel victimized by the Tsunami of Emotions we can easily find ourselves in.

New Moon Intention: I am committed to Emotional Freedom.

When I am committed to Emotional Freedom and my child “talks back” ie, Asserts himself; I am triggered to argue and reinforce. But with practice – I can find the space before that reaction and pull into that space another thought: “He has the right to assert himself.” “Is it worth fighting over” “Why do I need this compliance” – if anything, the pause before immediate reaction is just beneficial no matter how you look at it – but it gives the possibility for a new reaction to come in – one where Freedom is a Realization for not just the One who “Wins” the argument, but for both people who have an equally true and valid, albeit different, perception of this one event.

What if, in that space, I realized that I only wanted compliance because I was stressed out about something entirely different and not the fault of my child? What if I realized it just felt better to let it go? What if I never let my pride get in the way of backing down from a pointless argument? What if my child feels more secure knowing that I can stop myself from trampling over his own feelings and his own inherent rights?

What if it was the most healing act I could give myself and my family if I could recognize this freedom to choose over and over and over again?

New Moon Intention: I Choose Emotional Freedom Every Day, in Every Moment I am Aware.

And, Like Today, when I cannot see past my emotional trigger and my son’s feelings are then dictated by my response – I come to the truth faster than I did a year before and I recognize what it means to be and give freedom by my next conscious action. I choose to breathe more, I choose to talk myself down and around my feelings until I have reached a better feeling spot. I choose to back off, I choose to be even more aware than ever before of what I do when I am triggered so I know more for next time and I choose to keep going because Freedom to Feel, Think and Be is an Important Goal for Everybody. I choose to reinforce the best of myself and my son and surrender to love when I don’t know what else to do. I choose to validate all of the feelings around me. I choose to try again and again and again.

I choose my Freedom. I choose to forgive myself and everybody around me for feeling their own feelings because none of it has to be taken personally; That too, is a choice.

I Revel in the Abundance of Emotional Choices around me! Because the more I see and recognize for myself, the more I know belong to others, as well. I can see the store clerk having a bad day, giving customers attitude and I can think thoughts that make me feel better or even extend compassion to her so that maybe she’ll have a better day – or I can take it personally and talk about what a bitch she was to my husband and perpetuate those negative feelings every time the story is activated –

But now that I am Aware, I always choose the promise of Emotional Freedom. I choose to allow the changing of all emotions. I choose to tell better feeling stories. I choose to let go of events where other people are having bad days and clear my space of that energy. I choose. I choose. I choose.

Emotional Freedom.

Happy Independence Day Where Ever You Are and Where Ever You Are I hold open the space where Freedom is forever yours, as well.

So Much Love,



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