Grand Cross, Solstice and Full Moon – Oh My


Have You Embraced It, Yet?  Have you Accepted that You are the Component of Change in Anything You Want to Do, Get or Be?

This isn’t so much about exerting extreme effort to enact change; but it is about Changing the Only Thing that Matters:

Your Mind.

If you have read anything about the Solstice and Full Moon occurring together today, you will have read it is a Rare event – The last one occurred in 1948 and the next one will not be until  2062 – so this is an event that can hold potent significance for us – if we can tune in to Receive the message it holds, Individually and Collectively.

This is the Second Consecutive Sagittarius Full Moon – the first one was at 1 degree and this Full Moon is at 29 degrees – The Rehearsals are Over – The Show is Ready to Go On – Are You Ready to Play Your Part? And by “Part” I am only Referring to You: The Intrinsic Being that Is You – Individual, Beautiful, Worthy and Ready to Create and Live Your Life, Already.

Are you done taking other peoples words, definitions and beliefs as your own? Can you tell the difference between what is only a person’s opinion and what is inherently true for you? Do you know that the difference between them is none of your concern and that if you were to only focus on your truth – that is what you would create?

With the Sun at 29 degrees Gemini, this only means that my questions have reached Critical Mass 😉

Questions are Good if you can Accept All the Answers. And Answers are Good when You can know the Truth for yourself – and You CAN Know the Truth for Yourself.

You can know a Truth that is Yours. You can Feel Everything that is in you to Feel. You can Change your Thoughts to Change what you Believe and You Can Create and Co-Create Everything You See Before You and Be One of the Moving Parts of Change instead of feeling like you are Victim to It.

It is simply time to stop waiting for a consensus to give you permission to BE.

My Shift started in 2002 but it was the last 10 years that taught me the most about Letting Go of What Always Is. Letting Go because that is the only time the New can come crashing through – Letting Go because that is how you can catch the Awareness of This Moment.  Letting Go because You Do Not Control Anything that You do not Personally Do, Say, Intend, or Believe. Letting Go because it feels Really, Really, Really, Really Good.

letthatshit go

What anybody else says or thinks or believes about you and the World is Not Your Problem and it is Not a Reflection Of You or Your Future. Let it Go.

The Atrocities of the World are Not Going to be Solved by Your Manipulated Attention to them through grief, sympathy or outrage. Let it Go and Find Your Joy.

Find Your Purpose. Find Your Truth. Find the Beliefs about the World that Feel the Best and then Let Yourself Feel the Best in this World.

That is all you need to do: Feel Good in this World.

The Cycles through the Mutable Grand Cross show us that Change is Inevitable. It is Neither Good or Bad – we are not Punished or Rewarded through it – It Just Is. But we Master its Movements by Letting Go of the Need to Control It. We Can Ride it and we can steer it and we can adapt to it and we can create it and we can BE it.

And You Don’t Need a Consensus to Do It.

Do you wish your family was more peaceful? Intend it for yourself and watch how you will draw Awareness to it and all of the ways you can achieve it personally and all of the ways you will need to learn how to anchor it into your Reality. Intend it for yourself and watch for what you will need to Release in order for it to settle in. Intend it for yourself and you will Create it in and for yourself.

Do you wish you were healthier? Listen to your BODY. Limit the People who have an authority on what you should be eating, drinking or doing and learn to listen to what your body has been trying to tell you. There is no Prescription for FEELING GOOD – it is a Choice that needs to be Made Every Damn Day. It is an Awareness that needs to be cultivated, encouraged and Believed in – and it needs to take precedence over ALL other Voices in your World.

Can you Imagine That? Being the Most Important Voice You Listen to?

When someone looks at you with their limited perception/consciousness and tells you how wrong you are for doing xyz, how stupid you are because you aren’t doing it their way – When they ridicule you for not believing what everybody else believes or puts you down with their lack of understanding – these are all things you cannot control. It is not Yours.

But You Know, or you are coming into the awareness, of the Knowing that is Yours. You Know that You feel a Certain way on how to do certain things – and you know that you feel good when you follow a certain path: Yours.

This is Your Path. Your Journey. Your Creation of Life. Your Voice, Your Desires, Your feelings, Your emotions, Your Spirit, Your Consciousness, Your Freedom, Your ability to Evolve and Change. It is ALL Yours. This is what you control -and to remember that is to Relax into the flow of Change and Finally Start Enjoying the Ride.

The Summer Solstice is the Longest Day of the Year and the Day when the Sun reaches its Highest Point: What you Believe, think and Say about yourself is what you Become – So Think, Dream and Believe BIG.

And here is the tipping point:

Are you going to continue to believe what others tell you and defend their or your own limitations? You will then become those limitations.

Are you going to Imagine the possibilities that arise from Your Very Own Soul and then Allow yourself to Believe that if you can See it within, You can Create it on the Outside – are you going to detract your worth from all doubt and invest in what naturally and intuitively feels good? You will then become that Inspiration.

There are no Accidents in your Becoming and You simply have to know by now that Everything About You is On Purpose.

But it is a Purpose you Decide by either Creating it Consciously with your vision and upholding it with what you believe you are worth – or you uphold what has already been created and feel victimized for not fitting into its mould.

The Choice is Forever Yours.

I hold the space open that you come into your full magnificence on this Full Moon/Solstice  – and that You see yourself in the Light and Love that upholds all of Creation.

You are On Purpose and I send you so much love.


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