Aquarius Full Moon: You Are A Free Spirit


What does that really mean?

I have considered the term “Free Spirit” to be more generally a Piscean/Neptune theme, but this is the phrase that kept coming to me as I was contemplating this full moon’s message. Interestingly enough, when I looked up the etymology of the word “Free Spirit” it has its origins in the 1670’s – Right when Neptune was making its entrance into Aquarius. With a lot of astrological focus on the Saturn/Neptune square and the breaking free of some of the greater illusions of conditions that bind us, this message seems On Point and Right on Time.

Aquarius carries the theme of Liberation and Higher pathways of Thought – it is the electrical current that feeds our stream of consciousness and this full moon was a reminder that once the mind is free, your emotions are sure to follow. It also holds the trauma from being denied our individuality and path of purpose. It carries every wound we have ever carried from not fitting in or having ever really belonged, but through the stream of consciousness – it holds our healing of these issues, as well.

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel Emotionally Free? What does that look like to you?

I have always identified as a Free Spirit. Despite the authoritarian way my parents ruled the home, going through public schooling, working many jobs and navigating relationships ; there has always been a part of me that nobody could really reach:

The place in my mind where I knew of myself.

I have never felt worthless for long in my life. I had long stretches, but in retrospect, they don’t seem very long now.  There is a buoyancy in my thought patterns that connects me to a Source of higher thought – this place where guidance comes through and knowing prevails.

This knowing provided me a backbone when I needed it most: When I needed to say “No” to being disrespected by a boy I loved, to when I wanted to drop out of high school because I knew I had a different path to follow, when I would stand up for people who were being treated unfairly, when I wanted/needed to change my parenting philosophies and style, when I decided to provide Energy Healing and Astrology Services as my Occupation and step away from the 9-5. . .

This was all guided by the spirit within. The quietness of a voice that kept urging the unpaved path because this voice knew of the uniqueness, individuality and spiritual purpose that I entered with into this physical life.

I am also an Aquarius Rising with Mercury conjunct the Ascendant: Freedom is my Calling Card. I was meant to follow it, find it and remember the truest part of my nature.

I am, above all else, a Free Spirit.

And So Are You.

How does it feel to say those words to yourself? Can you say it without thinking of all of the ways you do not feel free? If you cannot, than this is what the Final Saturn/Neptune square is trying to bring into your awareness: All of the ways in which you do not/cannot feel free. Neptune will tell you that it is all an illusion and Saturn will urge you to finally start the work of Creating Your Own Reality through the Emotions you feel and want to feel.

This Full Moon is Opposite Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo. The spotlight is on your belief system and the thoughts you habitually think. This formation wants to shine the brightest, biggest spotlight on the words you use to label yourself, your family and your environment. Words Create. Thoughts Create. Your Emotions Create. Take some time to observe what you think, what you feel and what you talk about and then notice how fast the evidence of what you say shows up in your experience.

Then experiment with your thoughts and words. Change your thoughts about some subjects, practice awareness with your words, take care to feel better on some subjects and you will then observe the changes that also come into your experience.

You are free to create any reality you want to create for yourself. You are free to find the people who will support this endeavour in you and you are free to believe that you can achieve what you set out to achieve. You are free to change all of your thoughts about any subject. You are free to change how you feel about any one person, place or thing.

You are free. You are free. You are free.

We are a whole world of individuals waking up to this Truth. There are those of us who perceive and experience greater freedom than others, but again, that in itself is an illusion. We are simply all Free Spirits. We all walk among each other and through our interactions, loving kindness and grace, we have the ability to awaken each other to this truth in as many ways as there are people on this planet.

And once it is realized in the Individual – it is Reality. There is no condition that takes that away from the mind of a Free Spirit. There are men in prison who feel more free than so many who walk outside their doors because they have found the aspect of them self that is untouchable from the outside and always connected on the inside:

The Place Within Their Mind Where They Know Their Self.

Find it. Remember it. Love it.

It is the Liberated You.







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