“Walking the Walk” On Death

So my son is having bouts of separation anxiety again and worrying over if I’m going to die… and I’m doing something that I’ve never done before. I am guaranteeing my safety, security and my life, over and over again.
I remember when he first started having this anxiety when he was around 4 and I hedged over the answers with “I don’t know what will happen, but I’m sure I’ll be fine” even though he saw me every day as an emotional mess, depicting anything but “Fine” – and even as I said the words, I (probably not so secretly) worried that I would not be fine and his fears were true.
We got over it for awhile and he’s watched me heal in physical, emotional and mental ways. I think now his fears stem not by anything I am doing but by images he sees on games. But where ever it came from, it renewed his anxiety and he is not letting me out of his sight. But I am handling it very differently right now because of the healing I have done, and while it feels pretty ballsy to do it – I am guaranteeing my existence and security to him and I really, truly mean it.
building the new.png

I am an Energy Worker. I spend most of my time contemplating the Universe and the Self as Aspect of it. As I understand more and more about who we are as more than a physical body,  just how much planning we put into our life experience, and how much free will we have in all things, I have knowing that what we call Death is just as much of a Choice as our decision to enter into Life.
I can hear the first argument already: Does this mean that the young mother who transitioned and left her children consciously chose to leave her physical body, No; Although some do, right? But on a cosmological scale, it is a spiritual choice that was available to her on her physical path and that choice ultimately represents Freedom. The lessons that remain for the children, or to anybody dealing with loss, is that they are never truly “gone” – and that we are always whole, with or without the most meaningful people in our life. It is a tough lesson, only because we remain stuck in the physical way of processing these events and that is to only look at “what is”; which includes what is missing. 
So my son is exploring these themes right now and I am “Walking the Walk” so to speak. I have knowing of what Death represents to us in our physical world and I have knowing of a bigger purpose for myself where I have no need for Death, no longer as a lesson or as a path to my freedom. I have connected the dots from my previous experiences of handling the transitions of loved ones; I have Realized my Freedom and I am busy busy busy with my purpose. I’m not going anywhere for a long, long, time.
So what else do we talk about? We talk about our reality before we are physical, when we are physical and after we are physical. We talk about how guided and protected we are by the Spiritual Energy that is All-Around us. We talk about instances when things were scary, but everything turned out okay – We talk about how it is Always Okay.
These are big statements to make and I will not shy away from making them any longer because this is my reality. And until it is talked about and talked about and talked about as even Remote Possibilities, than it remains hidden only by our physical limitations to Receive its Truth.
This is the perfect time in our history to lift our consciousness higher to what has always been there for us and what has always been our truest reality as Spirit. We do not “Die” – We transition. We are not “Gone” – We are as alive as ever, only happier. We cannot hug in a physical sense, but our comforting presence can be felt and known and reached whenever a physical presence raises themselves to it. It takes a fine tuning of our energy senses to feel it, but it can be felt. Spirit is as Real as Anything Physical and it is the perfect time to Acknowledge, if not its truth, than its possibility.
I will not keep Death as a scary story for my child. And I am eager to share this perspective with others who are ready to receive it. There is a mass consciousness that would argue with me because they have the physical proof of their sorrow; but it doesn’t make for an authority on the Reality of Death. I have connections with Spiritual Energy that I hold as proof for myself and all I can do is offer the different perspective with love and know that the people who are ready to hear it, are the people who will most benefit from it as they near their own transition or as they are clearing the lifetimes of Death Trauma from their energy field.
If you want to believe in Death as an ending, you are welcome to do so – but it doesn’t serve you and it limits you in every way that you see yourself. I choose to not do this to myself any more.
But what if I die and prove myself “wrong”.
Well, its not like I’m going to be around to be embarrassed about it lol.
The experiences we hold collectively are on a continuum – and I believe that anybody who transitions works just as hard, if not harder, on their side to balance the lessons we are all learning. The biggest lesson is that we are never gone but it is the practice of all living to see that which does not have a Physical Existence to be Real; and Death in any circumstance is trying to show us this very reality. If I transitioned sooner than what I feel I will in this life, it would be because I have knowing of how I could be of more help as pure energy – but again, I truly do not feel this to be the case. I feel that every lifetime before this has ended in unconscious death (obviously) and there is a very good reason why I hold this perception in this life and I INTEND to Live this one Fully and to MY Completion.
Should I transition early – my son will have this knowing as a base for his reality to hold him through his grief and for when his grief subsides; and when that happens, he will be able to receive me as Spirit. There need be nothing sorrowful about this process if we can accept that Life goes on, it has always gone on and it is our Desire to perceive it in its fullness that keeps us coming back into it over and over and over again Until We Do and have no need for the Freedom that Death presents itself to be.
But in this life, I have realized my freedom and have knowing of my purpose. I am all in to believe this as an Elixir to Life and I hold this space open for all who could perceive this as true for themselves as well. If it is true for you, you will know it – even if it scares you to think of it at first – but a truth that can set you free will always stay where it can be reached.
You are more than your physical body. You chose to come into this life experience.  You had a purpose the day you were born  and you have a purpose still. You have infinite power of your thoughts and what you choose to believe. Our thoughts create the world around us and we are all equal players in this game. It is Supposed to be Fun. It is supposed to be a playground of Creation. And it is. What we do not like and that which does not serve us, that was created by humans, can be changed by humans. Do not let the false ideology of Death keep you from even trying. Prove it wrong and you will be amazed at the physical life you accomplish and what was once thought of as Death, will be more commonly be known as a transition that all will rejoice in, not fear or feel sorrow for.
These are amazing times we live in and I cannot describe my joy in being of this Energy service.
You are so much bigger than you think you are and I send you so much love,
change of worlds

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