The Lazy Susan’s Guide to Thinking Thoughts

Continuing with what  is, I feel to be, Amazing and Exciting Energetic Times for Consciousness and Transformation; I give you this:

“Lazy Susan” a rotating turntable in which to serve/store food and a wide variety of other things.

You’re Welcome. It is both Practical and Fun, a Good Time can be had by all; and now we can count Emotional Space Saver to its long list of Attributes.   But First:

As a Pisces, I feel its my duty to give you this PSA. 

The current planetary energy is all about Thoughts, Communication, Voice, Past and Future and our Role in Creating any and/or all of it.

We are Energetic Beings First Before We Are Physical and We Remain Energetic Beings after we decide we are done being physical. We are a part of a Larger Consciousness that we have Access to through our mind,  our feelings and the way we Receive Thoughts.

Part of Understanding Who You Are is to Know Yourself as a Vibrational Being; yes you have a physical body, a name, a job, an important someone who defines you, but you are comprised of many things that we also identify as real, but cannot see: A Mind, Emotions, Soul – we accept them as part of our self but have yet to really define it on a personal level what that  means.

We are so so much bigger than our physical bodies.

Part of the Collective Awakening that is happening is in the Cognitive Dissonance that we are all burgeoning on every day. If you are going through a healing crisis, be it mental or physical, haven’t you looked around at the circus that is parading through your every day and wondering why nobody has the same version of the same story? Don’t you know in your heart that you  have the right to feel hurt over something that someone else denies or lessens through their perception and it makes you feel crazy, especially if a consensus happens upon you to try and convince you to feel and think other than what you KNOW to be TRUE for YOU.

This dynamic is the fuel for what we regard as Mental Illness.

We all have a Story. And we all have things to heal in our Stories. We do not need anybodies permission to heal our story. We do  not need anybody to agree with us in order to heal our story. Nobody but us has ever been inside of our own head to see how we perceive or should perceive our experiences and the voices we have are our own in which to speak of our self.This is an Inherent Truth in ALL. We all have a Truth that we can provide evidence for. “Aggressor and Victim”  both have a Truth. If you are battling over truth in another, you cannot win. Which is why it does feel crazy until you can hold more awareness and understanding of your experience and the expansiveness of your being.

Realize there is no battle – Only Truth and Get on with the Business of Healing Your Own.

We can HEAL our Story / our Self, not by energetically repeating what has already happened, but by tuning into and choosing the best thoughts about our experience, the most understanding thoughts and the kindest voice available in us; we ALL have access to Unconditional Love that we can pull to our self and consciously choose to accept; and then we can edit, rewrite and revise our story by being forward conscious of the thoughts and feelings that we continue to allow in our space.

This is the energy that was catapulted by this last Full Moon in the First Degree of Sagittarius (Truth) and what the Moon is holding consciousness for through the rest of the Mutable Grand Square this coming month. And through each of these cycles coming up, you are reminded again and again what you need to let go of and what you need to Now Focus On, because it is in the best interest for you. It is a Choice.

We cannot write anybodies story for them and we can’t be the hero of another tale,       Only Our Own.

This week, as the Moon makes its way towards Pisces to meet with Neptune/Chiron and the S.Node we are reviewing the stories that we tell over and over again about our experience. Yes – People did things, Painful things happened, you felt horrible for this long – but I want to draw your awareness of what happens every time you retell a story like this: You feel it, you draw it forward from that time and bring it to NOW, over and over again. You do this and it creates the space for it to continue and grow. And just like we don’t need anybodies permission to heal, we have the ability and frankly, the responsibility,  to heal without Apologies, too. Nobody else needs to agree with your pain or even feel your pain in order for you to heal it and while it may seem like a lonely way to heal, I speak from my own personal experience when I tell you that the reservoir to love opens when you validate your own feelings with an acknowledgment of this truth.

Opposite from the Pisces Moon/Neptune/Chiron/S.Node is Jupiter and the N.Node in Virgo. Not only are the stories that we tell of our self important, but so are the stories we tell about each other. We are all operating from a level of consciousness that is unique to our evolutionary platform – we do not know what we do not know and this is true for everybody who has ever hurt you or lied to you to get something from you that they think they need. It has nothing to do with you. Truly. The purpose is served in bringing your awareness to the fact that you deserve better and more. So here is your opportunity to let these people go. We will all operate from intentions which are unconscious until they are conscious and if you are conscious of their unconsciousness, take your cue and go with love.  It is only through the natural consequences of our learning and rising above such lower consciousness that those who cannot see are left to play by themselves, but not for long, because they will then find someone else on their vibrational level to play – but not You, because you will have risen  through the understanding and application of the Thoughts that in turn Guide your Emotions toward a better feeling, more authentic path. It doesn’t have to be as personal and dramatic as we make it out to be – they are there, we want to be over here, so we go. If they are meant to move with us, they will choose to find a way. It is a choice. 

 Saturn in Sagittarius and the Sun/Venus in Gemini will square the Pisces Moon, summing up this entire process: How we use our words to communicate our self and how we feel (Sun/Venus in Gemini) Creates the Reality and Upholds what we believe to be true. (Saturn in Sagittarius) We are challenged in this time to think of a new way to tell our story that feels good to us, that supports the version of our self that we want to see and be.  And there is powerful, conscious energy at this time – more than ever before – in order to bring awareness to the process. 

The powerful energy currently transiting Pisces will continue to expose the mass collective we all belong to and come from – our thoughts, being of our creation, is part of that collective. Imagine, if you will, that all of the thoughts that have ever been thought or will ever be thought hang in the air above your head and through the magnetism of how you feel and the dominant vibration of your emotions, as the vibrational being you are, you attract a specific level of thought ranging from despairing to joyful and also every range in between at seemingly random times – this is how we currently think “our” thoughts. The Unconsciousness of this process makes us feel that our thoughts are thinking us because we are not conscious of it, we cannot direct or control its flow – thoughts just keep coming at whatever level you are at – Like will Attract Like. Its the Law.

But we have a choice. We always have a choice.

So, now it is time to play with the Lazy Susan.

Now you are aware that all thought rests above you and that you have a choice as to what you want to pick from the collective spinning around you, you now know that just because a thought comes to you, it doesn’t mean 1) it is or has to be true for you anymore or 2) that you have to keep it – you now can let it just pass right on by back into the collective. As you practice observing your thoughts, you become aware of just how much of a choice you have to pick something up that comes to you that you want to focus on, and you will begin the Creator Process of thinking thoughts on purpose that change the way you feel and think about yourself, which in turn changes your dominant vibration.

You start to see this collective of thought and you get to experience a break from its incessant flow through various other practices, too: yoga, meditation, reiki, exercise. There is so much Peace in this Space. A lot of room to enjoy your choices and to relish in your freedom of thought that is now gloriously more organized by our divinely designed Lazy Susan. See, Practical and Fun 🙂

As we look towards the New Moon in Gemini – you are asked what you want to create in yourself and if you know what you feel. If you are blaming anybody in your story – if you are thinking yourself a victim, you are telling a story that does not serve your highest self.

That is not who you are.

You’re bigger.

Clear the clutter of the old story and you will find the expansiveness of yourself in that open space. You don’t need permission – You are not behind – You are exactly where you need to be in these current times to accept this as the awakening into Your Reality, Your Perception, Your Feelings, Your Desires, Your Purpose!

The planets do not align for you to make anything happen – but you have every opportunity to Align with them and then Partner in Your Own Creation.

You are that big.

Sending you so much love,


2 thoughts on “The Lazy Susan’s Guide to Thinking Thoughts

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  1. Dear Rose, I just want to thank you for such inspirative words. Few years ago I doubt in love, not eny more, but….it’s allways some but, isnt’t it? Maybe isn’t if I dare to think that way. I think I’ m on right track now, slowely but surely. Thanks to one person changed my attitude that everything is prewritten in the stars so that there’s no need for serching better life. I was very bad and very wrong.I would like to use stars to help me pass that road and I’ m intresting are you giving that kind of service? I like your stories very much:)
    Sorry for my bad english
    Srdačan pozdrav,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dijana, Thank you for writing 🙂 What I love about the Stars is that we are writing a story with them when we are focused on *Right Now* – and when your Now is feeling good, then the people and events that come to you also feel good. I do provide the service of reading birth charts. Email me at and we will talk about what we can do 🙂 Take Care!


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