You Really Can

The *ONLY* difference between yourself and Anybody Else You have Ever Admired for Doing Something “Amazing” is that They BELIEVED they could do it.




Whatever you believe about yourself you will continuously gather the proof of – you will attract the people who mirror the beliefs you hold about yourself. If you believed yourself to be worthy, how long would you put up with someone disrespecting you? If you believed yourself creative, how long would it take you to problem solve anything? If you believe yourself to be loved beyond measure, you could only hold the people in your life that reflected this belief.

We absorb the beliefs of others when we are children, so much to the point that we can almost literally “become our parents” but beliefs are meant to be changed, beliefs are meant to shift when they no longer serve a purpose that makes us feel good or that which we felt kept us safe.

We release old beliefs to make room for all of the true ones trying to come through.

Like: You are loved beyond measure. You can never get this wrong and you are never behind. Your feelings matter so much that it should be your sole point of focus. You did not come here to save anybody else. You came here to create a desire within you that brings life to you and through you in wondrous, joyous, exciting fashion – and you came here to be and live Love because it feels amazing and you came here to feel and be amazing.

And you are Amazing. I don’t have to know anything about you in order for me to feel that way about anybody. I know that when people are truly conscious of choices, they choose the right thing because it feels the best. And that when we are in a state of healing, we bestow grace upon everybody else who is walking the same path – We are truly in this together and it is just time to hold spaces for Consciousness instead of perpetuating Unconscious Judgement upon those who really do not know what they do.

But if you are awakened in this life by what you are feeling now and knowing that you wouldn’t feel this way if you did not want and deserve to feel better and better and better – than you are in a growing minority and are truly blessed with this knowledge! – people who hurt unconsciously, do not know why they hurt people and those who are conscious of their hurting, have the Conscious Power to Rise Above it.

But you have to believe you can and that you are worthy of such Rising.

And Believe Me, You most Certainly Are xoxo

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