The Magic of Mornings



There is something deeply wondrous about beginning a new day.

I appreciate the quiet spaces that morning brings to light before the whole house is up, ready to start their own day.

Every morning there is an opportunity to Create Time for myself where I can focus on flowing love and being open to joy throughout the entire rest of my day. In early mornings, I can imagine and feel anyway I want to feel and know that I am making energetic waves in how the rest of my day will come to me.

I appreciate where I am right now, in this space, as I am exactly where I need to be. There is nowhere else I’d rather be and I am happy to be me, right now in this moment.

I appreciate how the birds communicate with each other and how they sing freedom for all to hear and attune to. I appreciate allowing myself to feel peace in silence, knowing that time expands to my focus and right now, I have all the time I could ever possibly want to feel the way I want to feel in this moment.

And I choose to feel love, hope and excitement for this new day. I choose to intend forward focus of my thoughts and desires into what I want to create for this day, knowing that anything that happened yesterday or the day before has no true bearing on what can happen today.

I appreciate my knowing of the journey and how it plays out moment by moment. I love knowing that I can slow myself to focus and saver and align with my intentions and allow the intentions of others; I know that my dominant intention will supersede and I will be inspired to move, speak, and act in the ways that bring me comfort, joy and fun.

I know that those close to me are inspired by my Focused, Positive Influence and that as I commit to holding a loving energy within me, others will rise to feel it, too.

I know that I have the power to influence the entire day in this way, for myself and my family because I know that energy is contagious and I choose to be positively infectious because it feels so good and I know that everybody loves to feel good.

I know that I can hold that space for others to find it and align with it.

I know that this is how healing happens and good days begin.

When I first started practising a vibrational control over myself and my environment; I used a daily practice of Intention Setting.

“I Intend to see the positive and the beauty in my family and everybody I talk to”

“I Intend to release negative emotion immediately”

“I Intend to practice radical self-care and self love and self acceptance”

Sometimes, I didn’t even make it 5 minutes after my child woke up :p lol

But with the Intention Set, the Universe moves to remind me of it when I can allow the guidance through to begin the work of shifting my thoughts and emotions to something more positive and wanted. And when you set that intention every day, you make it longer and farther until a good hour becomes a good day and a good night turns into another good day and a couple of good days make the not so good day, not so bad and then a not so bad day gives hope and inspiration on what we can do better for more better days and then better days turn into weeks and weeks turn into Practice and the Practice becomes the Journey.

The Practice is the Journey.

And the Journey is Always Good. It is Always where we are meant to be and it Always holds the Promise of anything Good We can Imagine and Want for ourself. It is our Divine Right as Spiritual Beings First, Physical Beings Second, and it is Universal Law that what we feel and think, we attract.

I appreciate Thinking On Purpose. I appreciate the Freedom it brings and the Peace of Mind it Creates. I appreciate knowing how it works and using it to create something truly wonderful and wondrous within myself and my family, every single day that I choose to think and create purposefully and deliberately.

This practice puts grace in your heart for others because you can’t help but witness how others thoughts are creating their own world and experiences and when you know everything is a choice, you choose compassion instead of judgement because you know what it feels like to live unconsciously and create your reality by default, not deliberation.

This practice puts space in front of your reactions and creates responses that are heart-centered, as this practice is a filling of your cup when you consciously choose the thoughts that make you feel good – so when Life happens, you have an arsenal of love and understanding in which you can afford to share with others who need a reminder of what it is to Rise Above the Conditions to Love and Live Unconditionally.

But Most Importantly – Mornings are a time to flow love unto yourself. To rise with the day in the same strength, beauty and power as the Sun, for we are one in the same body of energy.

Take Time this morning, where ever you can find it, to breathe deeply for a few minutes and feel, imagine a connection to something bigger that supports you. Allow love to flow from that connection to you. It is always flowing – without exception – the question is “Are you thinking the thoughts or creating the space that Allows it to flow to and through you?” If not, know that you can, In any Morning or Moment of Your Choosing –

Grace is a few breaths and a few loving thoughts away.


Sending Much Love to Start Your Week,



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  1. WOW! what a great way to start EVERY day!!! thanks for the great reminder about so much positivity flowing and opening up to it. relaxing and invigorating read, at the same time. Intention and Breath- my most useful access to Joy and Ease, I so agree! Thanks for the uplift my friend. momentummikey 🙂 🙂

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