Shine A Light Through

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I have not read or watched any of the news coverage on the latest events in Brussels. Despite anything that happens in the world, I choose not to view it through the filter of fear. And do not kid yourself about the dominant vibration of our news media – it is the vibration of fear.

You can choose to focus elsewhere, too.

It is liberating. You start to breathe more into your heart.

You create a space around yourself in which to know that the way you see the world, is authentically your perception, and not a manufactured one.

It is not an avoidance of deeper issues. It is not “Hiding” from the “Truth”. There are angry people out there. There are wars of consciousness. Transitioning (Death) itself became its own battlefield – That energy is held static for us to focus on by the mass attention given to it. Break your focus from that vibration and allow something else to come through; the way our consciousness reacts to death through fear is completely different to how our consciousness holds a knowing of transition through Love.

There will Always, Always, Always, Always be more people who come in with Light at times like these than all who would conspire in the dark. Today, I choose to think of and send my love, appreciation and blessings to those who help, those who heal, those who support, those who build, those who participate, those who act in love – there are so many!

Imagine expanding a dominant focus on those people! It would inspire more and more people to be open, instead of to close them through fear.

I send love and appreciation to all of the systems we have in place to carry aid and assistance to the citizens of the world  no matter where they are.

Anything built by man, no matter what its intention, can be seen and blessed through the eyes of Source energy to align it to its highest good. We have amazing systems in place through our governments, no matter what we think and believe about any of its intentions, Source moving through humans can transcend any system we already have in place. It is already happening!

We do not have to react in fear. We do not have to “toughen up” We do not have to do anything that brings more pain and more fear.

We have the ability, we have the power, we have the free-will to shift our focus in positive ways that are not only helpful to the world, but they Change the World in and through You.

Expand the focus of your day today through love. How can you send more love where you are, to where ever you are going to be in your corner of the Universe? How can you contribute to expanding the focus of that vibration in yourself? How would it feel to consciously choose that for yourself, Today and Every Other Day?

It is Yours to Choose. Yours to Expand. Yours to Create.

And I send you so much love on your way!


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