Your Voice, Your Source

You are Here for a Reason. You have Feelings for a Reason, You have a Perspective for a Reason, You have an Emotional Story/Vibration that Attracts/Creates your Whole Experience, For a Reason and it is all coming together in perfect time.


Your Source

You Chose long long ago to Evolve your Soul and this is a Vibrational (Read: Emotional) Universe. Every Thought that is Thought by you *and expanded* is a Choice to Create.

Our Emotions are Our Point of Focus and the Perspective/Thoughts are Ours to Observe and Direct into a conscious creation of our life experience.

We can change thoughts to alter our emotions and align with our truest of feelings and live the life experience that we are Consciously Wanting to live.

But you have to get to know Your Voice and Your Voice is the Always Loving Part of You. When you allow your self to Think and Feel Loving Thoughts, You are Tuning into Your Voice, The Higher Part of You. When you expand into Understanding and Forgiveness, Your Voice is Guiding Your Healing. When You Feel something that is conflicting with your deepest desires/needs, Your Voice is letting you know which way to go by the choice that will make you Feel The Best. Your Voice will Guide this Entire Emotional Journey if you can learn to Tune In and Allow it to, and what you Create/Co-Create *will* Change.

We Choose Differently than what Our Voice would have All the Time! We Choose Obligation, We Choose Guilt, We Choose Fear, We Choose Comfort, We Choose and Choose and Choose ALL day long by Thoughts that we Think and Allow to Drive our Emotional Story instead of Our Voice , Our Inner-most Truth Guiding it.

We are all walking the Path of Self-Empowerment and it begins with Our Voice.

It is One Voice. #Love

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