Reiki as an Anchor into Being

11 Years ago, I wrote in one of my journals how I wanted to look up the One Yoga and Meditation place in our small town because they were holding Reiki classes. I mused that it was funny that Reiki/Astrology/Tarot were passions of mine, but I worked in an office. I wrote about a faith I had forgotten as I read the words: “I’m ready for what comes next. I know I will be okay”

It was a winding road, but I was right.

After meeting my husband, having a baby, my parents separating, my dad losing it a bit, changing jobs, having an over decade long series of mental and physical crisis, living in a world that felt and sounded scary, trying to love the best I could, trying to tolerate myself, trying to make sense of what everybody else was doing with their life, trying to discern all the thoughts in my head and shame myself for most of them, moving to another country…

This could be anybody. But it is also a chaos specific to those who are Energy Sensitive. Call them Empaths, Intuitives, Emotional, Moody, Crazy, Mentally Ill, Woman :p  – There are many words for one thing – each with their own weight to skew perception but it is the same body that is sensitive to the emotional energy within and from that which comes from others, all while trying to fit a round ball into the square hole of mental reasoning.

It is also an Evolutionary Imperative to be this way. And it has been a Long. Time. Coming.

Think of our Societal Structure, Our School Structure, Our Justice System, Our Checks and Balances for Living a Human Life – It is all very rational. You do this. This Happens. You do that. That Happens. This is the way. This is the way. This is the way.

Except when its not. Our deepest societal problems are birthed through the systematic repression/condemnation of the emotional body. And it is not the way. And soon, it won’t be the way any longer.

You Feeling Your Feelings. You are the way. You standing tall in your different perception of the world you live in because its a valid, fucking perception. Those who judge mental illness are equally judged insane by the “mentally ill” – it is all the difference of perception and the crisis of self for it not being secured or validated by someone else.  More and More people, Entire Generations are waking up to this. And it is Glorious.

When I became certified to practice Reiki, I had already been doing my own self-practice for 6 months. I just asked for the energy to come, and it did. When I read my journal, I realized I had started my practice 11 years ago. I asked to Awaken. And I did.

Reiki is just one more of the many words we have to describe this Journey. It is not just one part. It does not start with the certifications. It begins when you ask for it to begin and you allow it to move through you, kicking everything over that does not belong with you and lifting you above its density.

When Reiki found me again 2 years ago, then it became my anchor into self-love, Source Love, All Love. It became the validation of experience that cannot be duplicated by any one other person.

It can be a tool to re-pattern even our most destructive thoughts. We learn to accept Love for them, from ourselves. We learn to accept our own story. Our own view of events. Our own perceptional timeline. It is ours. We asked for it long, long ago to aid in a Purpose that is not lost, only forgotten.

The events that shake us, are shaking us Awake to what is Ultimately A Feeling Universe. The Mind has Power, but it is Not the Most Powerful.

You Are. I Am. The Observer of this chaos we call Life. Reiki is the small silent voice that comes to us as grace. We believe we do not deserve it so we do not accept it.

Accept it and it becomes Your Anchor into a New Way of Being. Accept that Loving Yourself is Always an Option. Accept that Your Thoughts, However chaotic can be tamed. Accept that this is your Super Power.

Accept Yourself. Accept that Outer Control is an Illusion and the source of All Security comes from Within. That all we have to do in stormy weather is drop an anchor and hold our space amongst nature and then we are free. Free to pick it back up and resume in the direction our own compass is guiding us towards.

We do not need to save anybody in this world or the world itself. We need to save ourselves. Love Ourselves, Validate Ourselves. Secure Our own thought patterns, Choose the Thoughts we want to expand into Focus and Creation. That is our Right. That is Our Power. Society and Family can only inundate your thoughts. They cannot control them.

You Can Choose Your Thoughts.

The biggest picture of the Universe holds no victims. You can adhere to the belief that you are, as your human representative, and you won’t be wrong. That will be your truth as you’ve decreed it and held it into place. Unspeakable things can happen to people, but it does not obliterate our Inner-most Being.

Our Being is Standing by – waiting to be remembered, acknowledged, held, communicated with, and partnered with. Drop the anchor and then let your inner being take over –

It changes everything that matters. You.

Sending Love,







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