Morning Thoughts

Up at an Early Hour This Morning Before My Sessions and came across these Quote Blocks on another page and they struck me, not because it was Ayn Rand and it conjured anything I had ever heard about her – but because these are Timeless Words and it Rang True to What It Means To Be Free and in Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness.

And For me, It Rang True to What We, as a Collective,  are Healing from and Why. More Importantly, what we need to Invoke in Ourselves to Heal and Be The Change We Want to See In Ourselves, Our Families and The World. … In That Order.

There is a lot to be said about Ayn Rand. But, honestly, I am passed judging any one human at any period of time for how they survived their time on this Earth Consciously or Unconsciously. That is a broad statement that I am prepared to stand by. I spend my days and nights removing judgemental thoughts if they pop up and consciously choosing Loving Ones. I Feel Prepared to Love Most Everybody These Days. 😉

But These Quotes struck me as Pertinent to The Times We are Living in Today. Because of the system we are born into, we are trained away from the Self to Align Emotionally with those who we feel and learn to see as our Source to Everything else. And because we have learned to serve as the Source to Others, and Because We are Naturally Tuned to Serve in Our Own Capacity; We are defensive and can feel resentful over what we Feel and Perceive as a limited Source and we perceive it anxiously because we still perceive Death to be an Ending. We are coming into more awareness that this is not a Truth. We are Energy, Consciousness. We Cannot End. I truly Feel Death is the Last Great Stronghold on Human Consciousness. Once that is Broken – Then the tethers of Survival that Society impresses upon the Individual will be no more. We have always been Free to Create. Which is why, No matter what Political or Personal Views Ayn Rand, the Human, holds; Time-Less Words, Works of Art, Music, Quantum Ideas that Shaped Humanity…. Those Are Spiritual – and it connects us all as Spiritual, Energetic Beings.

To be seen as A Source unto Yourself is seen as Selfish and taking from others – when really, to Find, Remember and Plug into Your Own Source. Your Own Mind, Inner Voice, Quiet Voice, The Voice that Always Always Always Has something Loving to Say To You. To Plug into that Voice – Because you can. You Can Choose to Reach For/Think and Say Loving Thoughts To Yourself All Day Every Day If You Want To and You Become Sole Guardian of Your Thought/Belief System and You Remember To Love Yourself Through the Whole Process. You Can Heal what has come Before By Taking Ownership of the Now. And it is then So Much Easier to Love Others! Because You Know. You Know how Hard it Was to Be Controlled by Fear. You Know – You Know What it Feels Like to Want Someone’s Approval so That You Feel More Love. You Know. But You *Also* Know That You Woke Up to A Shift When Your Being Was Split By Trauma and Now Your Only Goal is To Put it Back Together and Your Every Intention is Guided to That Impulse. To Be Put Back Together. But You’re Still Looking to the People in Your life, Those you are born into, those you Choose (All By Your Design) To Either Give You Back to Yourself or Tell you Its Okay To Want To and there are those that Help You. But We Are and Always Have Been Our Own Source. By Remembering That you are Simply More than Your Physical Body. You Are a Remarkable System of Energy. Every Body Is More than they can Perceive. Every Body is Also Waking Up to This, In their own way and time, and the System as We Know It Will Change.. Because We Are Changing! In Her Time, Saying these Quotes Out Loud, In Print, In Public- Was Revolutionary.

But To Me, I see a Battle Cry for The Healing Generations (Us) Who Will Do What Previous Generations Were Trained Out of Doing: Serving (Loving)the Self. And When All is Supported is That Effort, We can stop hurting each other for taking something from us that nobody can ever take or train us away from Forever. We Will Be Whole Again Because We Are Whole Already. Keep Remembering. Keep Reaching for that Quiet Voice that Always Has that to Say to You. Our thoughts Create Our Reality.

To go after your happiness, desires, to follow the path of your creativity, to not ever have to depend Emotionally on your partner/family system to love you because Dammit, You Love Yourself and if they can’t see what you see, well, they’ll figure it out – they have a guidance system too and their own ego structure, soul structure – It is not their job to love you, they are trying to love themselves. When We we are Just In Service to/Love Ourselves, Love/Service For Others is the Natural Effect..And we can navigate society, we can build new, we can transcend the Old, Out Dated Structure and Embrace All of The Good that is Already There, Growing in Perfect Place, Holding Space just for us to Realize We Can Help Create All That Is Good, Too.

We are All Shifting, but Nobody is Shifting Alone.
I felt Inspired Reading These Words Because They are Truly a Timeless Anthem of Self and We have to Stop Thinking that it is a bad thing.

It is the Only Thing. And Only What We Make of this Experience.

Sending So Much Love,




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