Reiki & Mental Health

We are all on a spectrum of physical health where at any point in time, we could have an abundance of health or an abundance of illness. We are all on a spectrum of Mental Health where at any point in time, we could have an abundance of mental health or an abundance of mental illness… sometimes all in the same day. 😉 

Point being, there is no differentiation between those who “get” mental illness and those who “do not”. We all have access to the same emotional and mental energetic fields, but how we navigate them and what we believe about them, is what makes all of the difference in how it manifests onto our physical field. 

Emotions, even thoughts, are universal – experiences, and how they imprint into our perception,  are individual. 

And it is that discrepancy, I feel,  that feeds the reality of there being mental illness. Perceiving something that is different from others and having to defend your experience to those who generally cannot see it, feel it or understand it. Every label we have created to define it, only further confuses the creative impulse of the Soul who is trying to perceive their world in the most real way that they can. 

Mental illness is not created in a vacuum – it is an energetic collaboration between all of us: parent and child, between partners, men and women, governments and societies – it is the division of an energetic body (us) that at its very core, remains as One. We allow ourselves to suffer the many ways our perception can splinter, shatter and thus create endless illusion about our self and everybody else. 

Mental Illness is being submerged and overwhelmed by all of the perceptions, ideas and thoughts around you that you do not want and that do not belong to you. If you identify as having a mental illness, chances are, you were an energetic sponge as a baby, receiving hours upon years of unconscious fears and behaviors that inevitably get imprinted and personalized. Anything that catches the attention of our perception, can internalize into who we see ourselves to be if we do not have an established, healthy sense of self, first.

Healthy being one of consistent acceptance, love and unconditionality towards who we are and see ourselves to becoming. The percentage of people who can claim that definition is a minority of our human population. Mental Illness is All of Us, Every Day. 

So how does Reiki fit into supporting our mental health? 

Reiki encompasses the WHOLE energetic self – which extends far beyond the limits we perceive of our physical body. When we are expanding our perceptions, we find that our physical body is, in fact, the smallest part of our whole energetic self. Reiki, the conscious life-force energy, guides us through each layer and supports the biggest-picture version of our self that we first imagine and then create; and every level of development, in between. 

Our physical body is our first layer of reality in that we can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it and smell it. But as we extend further, we have an etheric body that is our bodies closest energetic layer and we then extend out to our emotional and mental bodies and even further out still, to our spiritual bodies. Outside of our physical bodies, we are all connected on every other level, which is why it is so easy to pick up on each others thoughts and feelings as if they were our own, and just as easy to get confused into adopting them as our own. 

There is a reason why we cannot definitively say  which part of the brain “the mind” is, or where exactly our feelings or thoughts come from – we are energetic beings that receive and emit information. All thought, desire and feeling that has ever existed still exists in our shared, collective mental and emotional planes. What we receive individually is what we attract to us through our habitual patterns of thought/belief that act as magnets to other thoughts of like frequency. We create only what we believe. And if we believe something that is not true for us, our perception of our truest self splinters and our lives will create the havoc of that thought/feeling inconsistency – and we will feel mentally ill. 

Physical health and Mental Health are inexplicable partners. It is generally easy to notice the variations of our physical health, in whether we feel good or we feel bad. However, we get caught up in the “Why do I feel bad?” matrix – and that opens up our awareness to our mental health – “What am I thinking that is causing my body to feel bad?” 

Your body serves as your greatest indicator that your energy is splitting. However, by the time it manifests in your body as a disease or something like panic attacks, it is already a well established pattern in your mental and emotional layers of energy. Which is why I feel that Reiki works best and first from the outer most layers, in. 

Reiki is a consciously guided energy – and you are the consciousness that guides it and allows it to flow through to all areas of your life. It is a self-empowered way to take control of your thought space and connect with the bigger part of who you are so that you can finally and fully remember who you came here to be. 

Spoiler: You are more than what you currently see and believe yourself to be. 

Give yourself permission to explore your thought space without judgement and allow yourself to feel and think what you need to in order to process the moment. Give yourself permission to not take a poll of those around you to figure out if you are “right, well or happy” enough in your life. They don’t know and they are not qualified to tell you. Their unconsciousness only creates confusion in your life. Your consciousness will clear it up. 

In order to get answers, you have to ask the questions. Not always to your doctor or those you consider authority figures in your life, but to yourself. But first, calm your mental space so that you can ensure that the answers you receive are meant for you. A meditation practice helps create that space. 

Meditation is not stopping thought, but it is a focusing of thought. On Nothingness. On your breath. On a soothing voice. On nature. On anything that does not invoke strong emotion and can allow you to experience the silence of space and feel the potential that is offered to you, through this practice. It is achievable in the present moment, which is all our life consists of – and you can release the patterns and habits of thinking and feeling in a way that does not feel good and does not serve who you are. 

You will find yourself, be more aware of yourself than you have ever been. You will know yourself and you will know how to navigate from day to day on the entire spectrum of wellness and illness, both physical and mental. 

It is my greatest intention to offer a bridge to understanding and the possibility of a perceptual shift. If you identify with having a mental illness and believe yourself to be defined or limited by it, that will be your reality. If you can open up a door to the possibility that to change your perception, is to change what you feel and experience; then your world is yours to create. Your experience is real and valid, no matter what you believe, so believe yourself to be capable of wellness and wholeness from wherever you are. 

Because if we are all mental illness, we are also all mental wellness – a Reiki practice can help guide yourself to where you want to be on that path, consciously creating what you want your reality to be, as you came into this body to do. 


Sending so much love to you on your path,


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