Making peace with your Consciousness

Which is the same as saying “Making peace with yourself”.


I connect with Astrology and its symbolism because cosmic energy is always present moment. It perfectly encapsulates all of time and space which includes every thought, every belief, every intention and every feeling ever expressed – and with every emotion, past and present, the universe expands even still.

As Above, So Below.

Through astrology, we are welcome to traverse the whole human history of belief and we are inspired to create our own truth, experience and life with any of them that serve our highest purpose and greatest intention. We create the wholeness of humanity with each and every imprint of our energetic streams.

One by One, we chose to come into this life and we chose to sift through these beliefs to find our resonance and to connect with others of like resonance. We chose to experience what we do not want, in order to know most what we do want. We chose to experience the full depth and breadth of what conscious living and creation really is.

But for the majority of people, it does not feel like a conscious experience. It is an unconscious journey long before you become aware of your freedom to choose. Most do not feel they have control over what happens in their life; and therefore, will relinquish responsibility for how they feel about it. Instead of sifting through beliefs to find true resonance, beliefs are accumulated and formed into a mental fortress for which an escape or coup is needed in order to realize the freedom that has, and is always, inherently, naturally ours from the very beginning.

It does not have to be that hard.

We are free spirits first, human beings second. This is a knowing I came with into this life. Most who do not know it is only because it hasn’t been a practiced thought or belief, especially if there is a religious dogma in its place. But this is what freedom is all about: the ability to shift your thoughts to release beliefs that do not feel right, and to breathe into the beliefs that empower your life force, as they are intended to do.

Your beliefs either empower you or deplete you – and you are the Consciousness that gets to decide which ones you hold and mold into the creation of You.

April’s Scorpio Full Moon in connection with Jupiter is encouraging peace and acceptance with the wholeness that is you. It is reminding you that you are all things – you are every emotion, you are every feeling, you are every thought – but it is our ability and purpose of self-hood that allows us to choose, consciously, what we are.

We were never meant to believe ourselves into despair, violence (personal or collective) and loathing as a continued way of being. If this is you, you were born into a conditioned unconsciousness that convinced you of a painful worldview – and because we attract to us whatever we believe, you continued to attract and observe painful experiences that can only reinforce the beliefs you hold and you will resonate with the people who believe and create the same.  This solution is simple, but the change takes practice.

Chiron at 00 degrees Aries is your invitation to begin, in this time and space, to recognize your choice to shift the way you think your thoughts and to create from a new belief system that empowers you instead of one that keeps you painted as a victim or an aggressor, because they are one in the same. If I told you you were perfect and whole just the way you are and worthy of your acceptance, how hard would you try to convince me otherwise – how attached are you to the story that has paved your life experience, so far. Are you able to release it to embody a better feeling, higher vibrational, freer resonance with your whole self?

Are you ready to stop creating by default and allow new thoughts and feelings to breathe new life into who you intuitively feel yourself to be. An unfulfilled or painful life is the space between what we intuitively feel about our purpose and what we are actually living as a result of beliefs that do not have to belong to us. You can decide to let anything go. You have the permission. In fact, nobody could stop you.

Uranus at 29 degrees Aries reminds us we are the masters of our awareness. And through awareness, our ability to sift and sort is easy. In awareness, you ask questions. You observe, you ask, you have an internal checks and balance system that keeps you aligned on the path of purpose that feels the best. Your awareness will attract other people who are aware, your conversations are electric, you ability to see more than one side will expand and your path of knowing what is true for you will become more and more clear.

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

You are encouraged to let go of shame and comparing your journey with others. Behind every negative emotion is a practiced thought of being less than another. This full moon will seek to unearth these thoughts and feelings so that you can replace them with a better one that serves a better feeling life. Use this time of collective uncertainty to master your ability to become more and more conscious. As you do, you will become more and more secure in who you are and the light you have to share. Allow yourself to read a story, listen to someone or watch a program and say “That may be true for them, but it does not have to be true for me.” Or “I do not choose to feel that way in my life.” Or “I love myself, truly, completely, unconditionally and everything I create, I create from this place.” Practice yourself in a better feeling story and that is what you will create.

You are infinitely guided and supported, because as an energetic body, you are surrounded by all of the life force energy that you cannot see, the energy that upholds entire planets and flows through everything around us. Your consciousness is your spiritual GPS when you are able to tune into the frequency of who you are instead of channel hopping to all of the streams you are observing.

You have access to the infinite wisdom your soul is holding for you and this Scorpio Full Moon is shining its light right on you to illuminate your path of connection.

By connecting with the symbolism of the cosmos, you are connecting with the present moment and the perfection of this time to receive what you need most in order to move forward. There is no falling behind. You are always right on time and you are always in the right place to receive that which you need right now.

Sending So Much Love to you on your path,




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