Mercury Retrograde: Finding A Healing Vocabulary

Retrogrades are typically a time of going inward, re-evaluating and renewing perspective on our life. It is a time to kind of shake your heard free of the fog or take a moment to sit amongst chaos and feel your bearings, breathe and ground yourself in Now.


We could all use a lot of that at this collective moment;

And like nature, We Are Right On Time.


Retrogrades have a way of making us come face to face with the present moment. Your experiences of cognitive dissonance can rise and you become more and more aware of your own individual reason, your “now” voice. Mercury in Retrograde reminds us that no matter how much the past can reflect in our present moment; it is not the past, it is Now.

And it will be our awareness of this moment and this moment and this next moment that decides what we experience in the days, months and years to come.

We are encouraged to not let the emotional intensity of past events seep into our present moment influence, no matter how ‘in your face’ they may be. One way to heal from the past is to feel your freedom, now, from it. Look around you, you are not where you used to be, mentally and/or physically; you may have lost and found people on your path that have moved you, surrounded you and supported you. As an adult, you have found that you can think any way you want, you can feel your own path, and when push comes to shove, you do whatever you feel like doing anyway, maybe with guilt and a bit of passive aggressiveness, but you know it is your life to live; and if you are aware, you will know that the only thing that remains of your past, is your unwillingness to let go of your thoughts, beliefs and attached identity to it.

I understand it can be challenging when Now resembles much of the past: You’re still in an abusive marriage, your parents still treat you like your opinions don’t matter and they deny the truth of your experience, you are still discriminated against by the color of your skin or your religious beliefs – and the emotions that were intense then, are boiling over now, and you just can’t seem to break the cycle between what you grew up with and believed to be true to what your own children are now experiencing – It can all feel too intense to make sense of.

But that is what you are being called to do. This is how we find resonance with cosmic patterns. There is a highest version of ourselves that call to us in quiet moments. It is the recognition of our connection to everything bigger that is felt, but not seen.

Forget about labels – focus on the feeling. If you have ever thought that you are more than your physical body and that you are here for more than to just pay bills, go to work, suffer through ignorant opinions and beliefs and be someone’s target of self-hatred; then your time is Now. Do not argue your worth to anybody – just go ahead and feel it. This is your powerful, divine birth right.

You are bigger. You are autonomous to your very core and beyond; and this retrograde cycle in Virgo is calling us to connect and align with the truest version of ourselves; to learn about this connection by going inward and silencing the false beliefs of others. Only you can do this for yourself. Only you can meet yourself on this plane and know of its truth, expansiveness and FREEDOM. Only then can we look at others and not see separation.

We need to unite from within, first. Hate begets hate, violence breeds violence and Love is the untapped, natural resource that heals it all.

We can all learn to love deeper and more.

The past cycles in and around us only because of our attentive focus to it. We keep looking at it, thinking about it, railing against it, defending ourselves from it, protecting ourselves and closing our self off from the future because of it. We attach our identity to being the victim of a cruel world and even crueller fate and we wait here till we make our transition back into our original, energetic form; all the while yearning for the freedom that we inherently know is ours because we feel it in the quietest of thoughts that nobody can hear. But because we have allowed others to convince us of our un-importance in the world or anchor in us a lack of self worth, we do not have the courage to give a voice to those thoughts…

Until Now. There is no more perfect time than now.

The chaos on the world’s stage is an opening act to anchoring personal freedom for all. Though we cannot get there if we keep looking behind us as though it is a boogie man we are running from.

All of time collapses into this one moment. Here we are now and we are all freer than we have ever been in human history.

Individually, you need not spend any time convincing others of your freedom. You have an inner knowing that guides what you want and how to get there, which will take you to the people who support you and from the people who do not; and you have the ability, not to mention the responsibility, to cultivate your own thoughts about yourself.

You can think any thought on purpose! You can tell yourself, at any time, you are worth the love of the cosmos, you are a living, breathing, autonomous being capable of making the right decisions for yourself and that if you want to live a life of love, unity and compassion, you can. You need nobodies permission to feel these emotions within yourself, for yourself.

And you are free to be those higher thoughts; you are free to be the change that you need and ultimately, what the world needs. There is no government body among any nation that can grant you your freedom and that is the illusion that is coming into full awareness right now. When all you hear is divisive speech, you can unite within yourself and be the love that you need. And nobody can stop you from doing it.

When you are on a healing path, you have to be the first one to look at yourself differently than you ever had before. You have to start talking kindly to yourself, to give yourself grace, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Your self talk has to reflect a self-love that you grew up expecting from others, but now know it has to come from within.

All feeling is organic. It comes from within to bloom out from us. And when we want to feel different than we ever had before – there is work to be done and a shifting of focus on the something new we are growing. We cannot grow a rose if we are looking at and fighting against the weeds.

Let this Mercury in Retrograde season plant a new seed in you. Allow yourselves to breathe deeply and freely and be aware that you are free as you do it.

We teach by example, not force. If someone is determined to make you feel worthless or that you have no right to exist, Exist anyway. Assert from within the worth that you came into this world with and let that light be the guide for all of your present moment thought, feeling and actions. If you find yourself pulled back into the negative self-talk of the past, acknowledge that you didn’t know then what you know now: other people’s beliefs and versions of reality, do not create your own unless you allow it.

You cannot fight another person’s false belief. You can’t legislate it out of them, you can’t protest against it – you simply have to assert, within yourself, your truth and then live it.

One breath at a time. One supportive thought at a time. One compassionate act at a time. One willingness to first love yourself before you can expand that love, authentically, to any one person or group, next.

Globally, we are the walking ghosts of our past; regurgitating the same beliefs and fighting the same fights. Individually, we are waking up to a higher power:

Our self and our connection to that from which we all came. That is a journey nobody can take for you and the sooner you do, the sooner you will feel inner love and peace seed and blossom. Cultivate your soil, tend your garden, water what you want to grow and let your weeding be maintenance, and not the focus of your growth.

Personally, I am at a point in my evolution where I cannot hate anybody – even the most vile of human specimen, because I see the broader picture of how they have come to hold the beliefs that make them who they are. My hate and condemnation have never changed anybody and there is no value in shame. Where people see two groups in the aggressors and the victims, I see One. Because they cannot exist independently of each other. Each side needs the other to maintain their identity, and if any one side were to let go of the rope in this universal tug of war, the other side would cease to exist, as well. It is not giving up if there is no way to win this particular game. It is strategic surrender.

Surrender your victim identity where ever it is the strongest in you. Do not fight against what you cannot control in another. Meet yourself, Your true self,  and act in the new knowing of who you are: Someone who is Bigger, brighter and more cosmically connected than you had ever previously could see yourself to be. Allow that self talk to transform your experiences and your tribe – the expansion will be effortless and the teachings will be eternal. Not everybody has to arrive at the same point of peace and acceptance at the same time, but we will all get there, one by one, together.


Sending so much love to you on your path,









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