Aquarius Full Moon: Time to heal what is hurting

Time in and of itself does not heal your wounds: it is what you choose to do in that time, it is how you tell the story of your experience, it is how you are able to grasp its higher function in your expansion as a sentient, human and energetic being; it is how you allow yourself to move on and through.

When Aquarius moves into the skies of our consciousness, Freedom is a prominent theme: where we are free to be who we are and what we need freedom from in order to move, be and live the most authentic, true version of our self.

When we reach into the higher aspects of our  mental space to connect with insight, clarity, and intuition, we can feel good in this space; awake, aware, alive with purpose pulsing through us – in these moments, we can connect with the bigger version of our self to help guide the lower layers of our physical self.

It is these lowers layers that will need the focus of your healing thoughts, in all present moments and in the times ahead. That means, Acceptance, Love, & Understanding.

This full moon’s message is simple but potent: In a world where you can’t change the chaos that may be around you, you can always change your mind about your place within it.

Collectively, it feels like the thermometer is at its boiling point, right? We’re all holding our breath over the state of the world’s affairs, we are either experiencing upheavals in our immediate lives and families or we are aware of traumatic shifting happening in other areas where we have little to no control over the unfolding. What do we do? How are we empowered from this place?


You decide, first of all, that you are the thinker of your thoughts and that your thoughts are no longer controlling you. Take that in for a moment. Let yourself just be aware of the thoughts that come through. You are the one who is aware of thought. 


Next, open yourself to the idea that every thought that has ever been thought still exists in its energetic form, every negative thought, every positive thought, exists in our energetic field. This is why, no matter how much healing you do in your life, if you were to sit and focus on a painful memory, you would still feel the pain of those thoughts as if it were happening now… because through your powerful focus, you are, indeed, creating it in the now.


We do not change our thoughts, we shift from thought to thought. We exercise the power of our intention and we choose better feeling thoughts to heal, not the past, but how we feel right now. In that moment, you are transmuting yourself, your mind and how you feel about anything in your life. You are in charge of yourself.

Keep Breathing. Fully into yourself.

What does it mean to know yourself? Does it mean that you can’t change your opinion and beliefs once they are made? Are you only defined by the reality that is around you? Do you depend on others to tell you who you are by what you are willing to accept?

Or can it mean meeting yourself on a new level of mental awareness? Can it mean feeling an expansion of what you already know and connecting to its deeper meaning and the bigger picture of your life? Can you connect with the purpose you know that is inside of you, but has thus far been convinced of other’s reality instead of the truth that you create your own?


You were born into this life with a purpose, before anybody ever had an opinion about it. We are born into our families, but we are not bound by them. We create ourselves in every moment by the thoughts we think and the way we feel. We are electrical, energetic, magnetic beings who gravitate to the people resonating at our own level of thought/feeling;

And When we need a change of  realities, we need to change ourselves, first.

This full moon is also a partial Lunar eclipse. Eclipses can represent tremendous shifting in awareness and circumstances. Imagine what changing your mind about any subject that is unpleasing to you, would change about your reality? Imagine if you decided that whenever a painful thought was received by you, that you would deliberately think a loving thought to yourself, you would soothe yourself and you would consciously shift the focus of your attention onto something you can appreciate. Imagine the feeling of release that would grace your body as you exhale the tension that is held in those painful thoughts. You have this right and you have this ability. You are not obligated to continue thinking painful or negative thoughts. You can feel better in any now moment you decide.

Allow yourself to release the doubt that you are anything less than a spiritual anomaly, destined to spark uniquely into and through this world. When we are comfortable with this aspect of our self, knowing that we are not meant to all do the same thing in the same way, knowing that our differences create wholeness and solidarity and knowing that without the control of fear, we are Limitless; without borders, without definition, we create our now reality with passion, insight, connection and purpose –

We are the shift that is happening now.

So there is no need to wait until it stops hurting to think you can heal: if you are still focused upon the hurt, it will still hurt. Allow yourself to shift your focus higher unto yourself and practice looking at yourself free from conditions, free from pain and as though you are your most liberated self; How does that look? More importantly, how does that feel?

Practice feeling free. Practice the thoughts that bring more free thoughts, practice inhaling and exhaling relaxation through your body. Practice being okay with this moment and practice being ready for the next and the next and the next: knowing that you got this. You are in control of you, now.

This full moon reminds you that You are powerful, intentional, sentient, energetic beings. And it asks you: How are you wielding your power? Do you spiral down with your emotions and suck anybody who is around you down into that vortex? You will if your energy holds dominance over your home and family. Above all, be kind to your self, if this is you.

These moments hold the gift of clarity because when you know what you don’t want, you can become more clear on what you do want, then it is up to you to decide. Decide to shift, decide to practice a better feeling thought, decide to accept that all of your experiences have brought you to this moment and decide that this moment is the perfect moment to heal as you decide to shift your focus into a thought that feels better for you.

To know the source from which you came, you must practice seeing yourself unconditionally and loved through everything, because you are. You came into this time/space reality to know yourself in this way and once this shift takes place and you start tasting its freedom, you are ready to be ready for more. You will know the perfect timing of all of your life’s experiences and know how sacred they all are. You will know that you can let go of what does not feel good and you will know yourself worthy to receive all that does.

You will know you are free to live the purpose you hold. Freedom is a feeling that is center stage at this full moon/lunar eclipse and it will guide you through these next few weeks where we are encouraged to feel into our purpose of being. August is the month of Leo: the natural ruler of the Sun and the Sun is our symbol of purpose. Our awareness of these planetary alignments offers a bridge and a gateway into the highest versions of our self.

You are just one thought away from healing what hurts. Feel free to connect, to embody and create the new within you. This is why you’re here.

Sending so much love to you on your path,


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