Tuesday Truth

everybody is weird like you and me


A practice of self-acceptance is part of the foundation in feeling happy, satisfied, well and ready for more. Take a moment to tell yourself “Who you are right now is okay with me” Practice what it would feel like to hear these words for yourself and to yourself – and allow yourself the space to explore the actual feeling of acceptance, unconditional love and freedom of being. What would it feel like? How deep would you breathe? What would you let go of in your mind? What would you turn your appreciation to?

Once that is set as a foundation – your acceptance of others and the way you love reaches a whole other level. When you know you can call this feeling to you, at every moment you are aware and you have practiced the feeling of it through many conditions – you recognize and hold the space for another’s ability to feel acceptance and love, no matter what, no matter where.

Just as you come to feel, know and live your value – you cannot help but uphold the value of another. It is true, we are all more alike than we are different. We are all individuals connected at the same Source and We are all in this together.

Much Love to you on this day,


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