Alchemic Realities

Transmutational fire

There is a blending of realities that happens when you are healing and paving a path of happiness and wellness for yourself.

When you are healing focused, your moments are connected by your awareness of what feels good to you and for you; you hold a gentle space for yourself and you connect with understanding and compassion more and more often to release the  layers of who you used to be.

You are redefining yourself to be un-definable, and to just BE. 

And Being is just what You are Feeling in Action, moment to moment: Healing and Happiness is a Choice. By thought and focus, we can choose to feel differently about anything in our life. Feeling Good. Choosing Love. Choosing to let go by focus and thought of anything that does not feel good when we need to. Shifting Focus and consciously appreciating all of the small joys and simple pleasures; revelling in the beauty of the world we are connected to and a Universe we are made from.  Receiving. Feeling.Releasing. Observing. Loving; and dropping an anchor of compassion for yourself whenever you feel you have drifted away from who you want to be.

Choosing love for yourself, again and again, is a different reality than the one you may have recently just came through where your main focus was predominantly on your own pain and the pain of others, more than your happiness. Healing represents the shift in the other direction and momentum is gained through each choice to focus on anything that feels better and good. 

Being healing focused does not mean you are oblivious  or insensitive to the suffering in the world, or even in the rest of your family – in fact, I would suggest you are acutely more aware of it because you are consciously choosing to align with its opposite when you practice the magic of Being it; because when healing is practiced into Being, the affects of such are nothing short of magical as it can then becomes a service to Others by the example you become and lead. 

I recently went home for a wedding and a reunion. On a personal level, it was beyond words in terms of how much I loved this trip. I was moved through such love and joy over how our family has grown. It feels so good to be in a position now where I can appreciate my whole family, in every state of being and I do not need them to be any different than who they are, in order for me to feel okay and content inside. Simply, my happiness and well being is not dependent on how they live their lives, or even on their own state of (un)happiness and/or physical well-being (or the perceived lack thereof). It is a reality that has already been moved through on my way to where I am now. I do not observe to judge, compare or defend. I observe with love, openness, compassion and the ability to let anything go that does not serve what I need and want to feel. 

A healing focus can afford you a cognitive awareness to hold both realities in your mind space and ride the waves between them, traversing realities, practicing balance, poise and having fun with the experience; and just as water will slowly shape a surrounding landscape by the lapping and crashing at its shores over time, the same is true in flowing healing energy to your family through your place of balance and compassionate objectivity:

Emotional Evolution through generations occur, over time, through each wave of emotional change in presence, response and acceptance of one’s whole self. It is a certain kind of freedom to not have an opinion on what anybody else does with their life because you know its all the same journey, in the broadest perspective.  We all do the best we can with what we have and we are all, always, deserving of love. 

From my practice of healing, I have knowing of the empowerment of spirit and the illusion of victimhood; but it isn’t my place to preach it. There are more people right now who still identify their beingness into what has “happened to them” and any talk of the contrary just induces defensiveness of who they are. My service to my family and to others I meet is to listen when I can, love them, offer the words I am guided to offer and hold the knowing space of their physical wellness and emotional wellbeing the instant they realize it is a feeling choice, they too, are free to make. 

Healing yourself is the Transmutational Fire that will purify every relationship in your life. We are all sovereign energetic beings capable of far more than what we are conditioned to believe about ourselves and the magic happens when we put new beliefs into practice for our self and release the responsibility of our emotional security back into our own individual. capable hands, hearts and minds. 

Both Healing and Trauma can spread like wildfire in a family. The difference being is one of Consciousness. Happiness is a conscious choice to feel and appreciate your way into this state on a consistent basis, as a day to day present day practice, that expands into an unshakeable foundation of unconditional love for your self that benefits all others. Trauma is the unconscious blame and every negative emotion rolled into a perceived inability to take responsibility for how one feels and to see them-self different from their negative experiences. 

Both realities are valid. Both require energy through emotion. Either is a choice you are free to make on a day to day basis. But It only takes one person in a family to choose and commit to the happiness in themselves, for the healing example to anchor; and over time, the landscape will shift and change as alchemy occurs through all realities your wave of becoming has touched. 

How you choose to feel Now is all the time you need to make the change necessary to heal within and for its affects to then be felt by others. Magic, Indeed. 

Sending love to you on your path,



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