Goodbye Scorpio Season

Today brought the first snow flakes where I live and huge, sweeping gusts of wind to blow them around. I took a walk because, to me, this is Soul Clearing Weather. It is a conscious decision to connect with the shifting of seasons, be present with the Earth and let its force alchemize with my own. As in nature, Change is inevitable in me. 

I imagined that with each gust of wind, it was blowing away all of the thoughts that collect within my mind-space that do not serve me or those that simply do not feel good. I cleared the space above me and all around me and intended to welcome the new coming in.

I felt my body relax and align every time the wind blustered through me and felt gratitude that in this time and space, I could release all thought and feel peace, openness, connection and clarity as I did nothing but observe and move through.

This past month brought me face to face with much of what is uncomfortable to look at in myself. I joked with my husband that every time I feel really good and enjoying a majority of mental, physical and spiritual wellness, that then comes the time when we are compelled to open up our home to someone in the family; this time it was his father who is staying with us while he recuperates. 

While it was never in question of sharing our space so that he could heal, adding another human into any collective space is going to create waves and it challenged how I was seeing myself and managing my space. It made me realize something very important:

Anytime the shadow emotions appeared; feeling judgement, embarrassment, resentment, insecurity – I had to come to terms with this time and again: This was MY Shadow. This is what I feared would be reflected and here I was, reflecting it back to myself. 

If there was a conversation or comment about our parenting, or comparisons of values that triggered a stream of shadow thoughts within me, I was brought back into the acknowledgement that anybody is free to perceive, compare, discern, judge and I am free to stand in the knowing of who I am. I am finding the balance of Caring – but not too much-  of what other people think and perceive from their own consciousness. It really does not matter what other people think of me.  It can only reflect back to me my own shadow self and my caring extends only so far as to heal this in me, first. 

I am blessed with a lot of love in my family. On both sides, we have a fantastic, spirited family and I am thankful in being able to learn life with them. As I learn more and more about loving myself, I expand more in my ability to love others.I can be thankful that I became aware of these emotions in myself because our home is still a shared place for healing; which has always been a dominant intention of mine to hold. 

Hello Sagittarius Season

 So, I had put a fair warning of my Piscean ways when I started this particular blog – and I have done it again. I changed the name of this page to reflect more of where I am in my service. This feels right as “Transitions” can represent many areas of our life and the ability to hold a space through them can drastically alter how you see yourself going in and on the other side of it. Over the last few months I have completed training in facilitating mental health support groups and I am in the completion process of a wonderful pregnancy and birth doula training by Bebo Mia in Toronto, Ontario.

Doula is a fascinating word. It has greek origins and generally means Female Servant.    She is the calm force in stressful situations and her strength is Support. This is definitely the service I provide as I teach relaxation, meditation and self-healing or when I seek to translate the most empowered message through the patterns and symbols at the time we entered into this earthly plane. There are transitions,  not only in pregnancy/birth but in relationships, families, living, dying, work, service, purpose and still within all of the spaces in between.  

Doula seems to perfectly encompass where I am and what my service is and I am so excited to see where it grows. As the Sun enters into Sagittarius today, it is conjunct with my natal Uranus in the 9th house. I have a deep appreciation for the revelation that came to me yesterday: We live two main stories. We have an Earth Story and a Sun Story. Our Earth Story is all of the events, collected beliefs and perceptions that is considered “who I am” Our Sun Story is what is trying to break through in our stream of consciousness, also  “Who I am (becoming)”. Our Moon placement is how we tell either story – but how we tell either story is how we live either reality. 

How many times have you had an inspired thought about yourself that felt good, it was exciting to think about and it was fun to imagine where it would go? That is part of our Sun Story. But then we have a past experience to draw from, we bring up our established beliefs, we start to feel a familiar way about something new and then we start to alter our thoughts to conform to “reality”. This is our Earth Story. 

Both realities are true. But which one has more focus and attention from you. Which one has more belief behind it. Which one have you practiced more? I have maintained that while we are not representations of any planet in our chart – but more of an embodiment of the middle space between them, It all comes down to being able to balance these polarizing energies. 

There seems to be little written about or even speculated about of our Earth Sign in Astrology. But it is a big part of who we see ourselves to be! It is our home right now, it is where we are right now and it is what is happening Now in our immediate reality. Of course it is important. But it is but one of our stories. And the awareness of any other planet or star is to expand that awareness of our self as more than just what we see ourselves to be. 

So I am excited about Sagittarius Season as I explore this within myself. I have partnered with a chiropractor’s office as I do Reiki Massages for community businesses. We donate a variety of services to support employees and this is how I am reaching out into the community and making myself seen with all of the other services I offer. This is truly an exciting time for me! 

It was only a couple of years ago that I could only envision in my own head that I would be able to support others and be of service in a way that validated and expanded my own healing journey and could inspire knowing in others. I spent over 10 years working for various businesses and never feeling fulfilled by their objectives and am stepping out on my own. As I start the new year, I will have expanded myself and my services even more! But before I could do any of that, I had to start telling a different story to myself and about myself. I had to start expanding more of my sun sign and meeting myself there, every day, to see what I could learn that was new about me…and then I had to step forward in faith that all of that goodness and excitement that I felt and saw in my minds eye, was just as real as anything else I chose to believe about myself. 

Sagittarius compels us to tap into a higher knowledge about ourselves and transform what starts as a belief about yourself into a full force KNOWING of your self. There are many stories we can tell about ourselves, but which ones advocates your strengths and purposes and which ones argues for your limitations? Which one is aligned with the Earth Story you have told for your entire life and which one aligns with the Sun story you happen to be creating even now? 

Let your beliefs about yourself change. They will need to anyway as we enter into this next social climate cycle. I have thoughts about this past election that I will put into another post but it is also very much about finding and living your empowerment story at the same time these stories play out of our political leadership. There is so much hope and possibility for everything good to come from this and it will take an aligned perspective of yourself to decide how your story contributes to the whole. 

As the Sun takes its turn through Sagittarius, ask yourself what your Sun story is? What is the story of your purpose and possibility, the story of your joy and excitement, the story of your connections to your family and community tribe and how can it transform the Earth story that has been learned, recited, and practiced into routine? 

How can you step forward in faith towards the changes you want to make? How can you surrender to the changes being made from within your own soul that compels and births your Sun story into illumination? 

I hold open the space for your most inspired vision and story of yourself to come through and I send so much love to you on your journey. 


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