When People Transition En-Masse

These words are offered in the highest intention to provide a bridge of understanding for the times we are living in and to bring into perspective where we can go from here.

As my views on Death are evolving, I do not hold the same reactions to these events as I used to. In fact, I rarely even use the word “Death” anymore because it carries an illusion of Endings that I do not subscribe to on any level.

“I’m not afraid of death because I don’t believe in it. It’s just getting out of one car, and into another.”

― John Lennon

I did not saturate myself with the news reports on what happened in Orlando. It is never the Real, True Story – it is Always Filter. And in this technological age, it is as easy to infect people with information as it is to sneeze on them and give them a cold. When we are tuned into this information, We will distract ourselves with the ethnicity and religious views of the shooter, we will promote and provoke a fear based response in all areas of our own life, we will divide and take sides, and we will feel powerless again and again and again believing that the answers lie in the box where we are getting the rest of this information in the first place.

As with anything in our reality – any change you want to see begins from within; and the World is calling, in a powerful way, for a most radical shift on how we continue to see these events and our part in the Creation of them.

As I was contemplating the souls who transitioned and those who did not, a choice became available to me. I chose to connect with the Joy of those who have transitioned. I chose to Recognize the Free-Will that is evident and unstoppable at the Soul Level that gave these people their path back into non-physical energy. I chose to honor that reality instead of focusing upon the grief, fear and anger of those around me.

We are in a cycle of reaction when it comes to these events. And for the most part, it is a very tactical paralysis that comes over us that hinders our ability to use the power we possess to see, create and implement the bigger picture, the bigger opportunity that presents itself at the same time we perceive the devastation of loss.

With the flood of media programming, it is hard/unfamiliar to lift our gaze higher.

But we must.

“Death” is as much of a choice as when we enter into this physical life through Birth. It is a Soul-Level decision that is perfectly aligned with who we are and what we can accomplish no matter what plane of existence we inhabit. We do just as much “Work” as non-physical energy as we do here on Earth and when we start to recognize that as a possibility and a truth, we can break the paradigm that paralyses our thoughts about it.

We “Die” to prove that we are still Alive. We do not have A Life – WE ARE LIFE.

When there is a transitioning that happens En-masse – it is a collective call that we are being asked to hear and because it is a collective call – there is so much love, ambition, honor and purpose in the transitioning of these Souls! We would do them a great disservice by narrowing their life experience to this one event or to put focus on a “bad guy” so that we can continue to play victim to a circumstance that we are in the process of awakening to its True Reality.

This hurts so much to so many people because individually we come face to face with our own fears and limited beliefs. We believe our grief is more powerful that life itself. We let a dominant vibration that is transmitted through our media, whose sole purpose is to fuel energy that keeps our thoughts controlled and focused on the wrong things, dictate how we feel moment to moment on events like these.

We saturate it with language that promotes our victimhood. “They were taken too soon” “Lives were Lost” Of course, there has to be a boogey-man somewhere to blame and what you will see through our Leadership is a very selfish, tactical way of “fixing” something that does not need fixed. It needs to be recognized for what it is. It needs to be made aware, it needs the Light of a Different Perspective so that we can see more of the bigger picture.

We need more light on the people who chose to stay with us. We need more light on the millions who raised their hearts to connect with other hearts, all over the world. We need more focus on the hundreds of thousands of people who rush in to help and uplift, repair and make whole. We need more focus on those who are ready, individually, to make changes that benefit the Whole. There are more of us in this capacity than there will ever be those who would seek to destroy, because those who seek to destroy are only programmed in that way. There are more of us in Light because we have the backing of all of Spirit, All of those who have transitioned in this event, or in past mass transitionings – and all of the non-physical energy in between.

We are powerful in this knowing and we are entering times of Awakening where we find the truth of these events in very personal, individualized way that crescendos into our Collective Awakening of the Truth of Who We Are and What our purpose really is.

We do not have to be swept up in every wave of fear and grief that comes along. We can anchor ourselves in a deeper knowing and a bigger purpose. We can connect, at any time, with any soul who has transitioned, to feel and know that All is Well where they Are and they are still working on their Life Experience with us; and Our Lesson is to Continue as well.

There are those so intimately connected with this event that the wave of grief and despair can do nothing else but to wash over them and I send so much love to those struggling to remain above the current.

But for the majority of us who are watching this event from a tv – Turn it off and connect within. Connect with our ability to feel love and compassion for people we do not know personally. Connect with the intentions to live a more purposeful life. Connect with the ability to be more loving, more kind, more allowing of the Soul’s who share our world and co-create our experiences with us. Connect with our inherent, undeniable ONENESS that exists within all of our human dna and Know the Truth of that Reality.

And then you can use that knowing to make a Real Difference in your own way, in your own life, every single day. This is how change happens.

We Are of One Body and we can Align that Unity with the Thoughts we Choose to expand into Focus and further into Creation. One by One we form a Collective Wave that changes the Composition of our Physical Reality.

There is not One Person in Power or One Senate, or One Congress that is going to make these changes. Nobody can dictate or legislate common sense, love and our ability to accept what we do not understand – that shift comes solely from within and is solely our responsibility. When those changes happen, it cannot help but expand outward from there.

We create all of this. We created every opportunity for mass-transitionings. We created it by our attention and focus on all of the things we falsely believe to be dominant and true. We experience the cognitive dissonance of that when we are faced with another reality that we then must reconcile a deeper, personal truth where we realize what is really real and what is no longer true.

And we can decide in every moment – what we uphold and protect. Do we uphold our victimhood on Death? Do we marginalise the lives of those who have transitioned to this one event steeped in manufactured fear? Do we reach higher into our consciousness than ever before to find the Truth and Meaning of these events and come forth with a perspective that not only heals the self but is paramount in healing the World?

As Always, the Choice is Ours. The Creation is Ours. We can rise up in so much Love and Compassion and Determination to BE Different than every habitual choice we subconsciously choose that keeps creating scenarios like these.

It does not have to be Groundhog Day every day this happens. It is always a new day; And always the best time to shift our thoughts, our intentions and our reality higher.

I connect with the Joy of those who have transitioned and I send appreciation for their physical experience and so much love for who they ARE.

And I send love to those so intimately connected with these Souls and send a light so they can find their way to a higher path. I am optimistic about our future – I know the Awakening that is occurring in so many people on so many planes of existence and I connect in that Unity from my own Awakening.

There is so much Love for All of Us Here.





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