Learning to Use My Voice Pt lll


It’s a Process.

And periods of silence are a large part of the process.

I am learning that what I say creates the reality around me. I am learning that what I think before what I say is the precedent/signifier of whatever will be created; and that the space before the thought is the potential: it is full, it is magic, it is Silence.




And that is where I strive to be most days.

I have learned that I can choose my every next thought and that as a result, I feel pretty fantastic most of the time. All of the time? Never. This is a ride, this is constant movement. It is surfing the emotional waves of everything that I perceive by the attention to my thoughts and it is easy to slip into the undercurrent of past thinking – but with practice and focus, it becomes less and less easy to stay there.

Because now I know. Now I have seen the difference between being under that current and the thoughts/information/energy I was allowing into my space and the exhilarating feeling of rising above it again and again through the thoughts/information/energy that I am allowing into my space. And I am my own space – it starts within me.

So I listen a lot of the time and I practice listening more and more – especially with my family. I listen because I am no longer interested in pressing my reality/truth onto anybody to get them to see me. I listen because I still need to practice that. I listen because I am noticing what others are creating around them by the words that they speak and I listen because it is a central component to Healing Anything. I listen because it leads to knowing.

It is a both a release and acquisition of control to listen; to expand your senses to what is not ever being said out loud but is a strong communicator of Truth. There is One Truth and we are all perceivers of it. I have no interest in arguing my perception to anybody any more and I am learning that it is always my choice. When I am in knowing of my inherent value and truth, I will guide myself to the people/places and things that yield to my form and my thoughts/speech will be aligned within that.

I have found terrific places in my community where I have done just that. And it helps me at home because I am one person – and I strive to be the same person at home that I am anywhere else. And I am learning that that takes concentration and focus because home brings up everything that needs to be healed and that is when I am (trying to be – haha) silent the most. Does it mean I never talk? Not at all – but I am so much more selective of the energy that I am now conscious of, that I want to introduce into my home.

A lot like when the caterpillar emerges as the butterfly -Our stories evolve as we do. We are not held in place by one stage of evolution. Our ideas, our growth, our voice need an incubation period before expansion, before revealing the true nature of what always was, but could not be truly seen.

I am an advocate of using your voice, of doing and being who you are in this world that only you could be and now I am learning that our true power lays in not telling the same story, louder,  but in letting the true one unfold through the silence of a healing mind.

And what emerges, will be breathtaking, indeed.


So much love to you,


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