2016: The Transition of Masters and the Passing of Torches

dearly beloved

I think it’s time to talk about this.

Numerically, we are in a 9 vibrational year, a year of endings, mastering, and completion before new cycles/changes can take effect. And we have seen Giants in all walks of Life, take leave of their physical bodies and Ascend Home. The day before our Scorpio Full Moon, another one takes his bow.

We keep getting shaken up by the news of another passing legend – the hole keeps getting bigger of all of the talent that has seemingly left the world. Our channels for expression through music and art are transitioning and we feel their void personally within us – as though our ability to further express ourselves has taken damage without the help of their musical/artistic therapy and we mourn as if we had lost someone close to us.

There are a lot of reasons to feel sadness about each passing – but we don’t talk about why we insist upon feeling this way. We don’t talk about the beliefs over death that keep us in behavioral and emotional patterns that do not serve us and while cathartic, our outpouring of sadness does little to honor the magnificence of the soul that chose its exit. Chose it’s freedom. Chose. Chose. Chose.

The Soul Chooses to Leave. Take a breath and sit with this statement for a moment.

I have maintained for awhile now that Death is one of the Last Great Strongholds on Human Consciousness. Our beliefs about death lead to more fear than peace within our consciousness. We hang on to the fragments of a Soul through their physical representations instead of letting ourselves be open to the sheer magnitude of their being through spirit, and learning a new way of communicating. We keep them small for our comfort. And we feel victimized by our “loss”. And we circulate this energy far and wide as the anchor of grief/fear in mass consciousness.

And we can change it if we want to.

I say if we want to because we defend our right to grieve. We defend our sorrow and our pain and we lash out in the sheer futility that we feel when it comes to life and death. We can reject feeling love and feeling whole for the remembrance of a previously perceived wholeness with that person in the world and we are resistant to opening up a new space without them. I am not saying these are simple feelings or this is a simple solution.

But we’re still here,  Right? We have chosen to not leave on this day – so we are still here for our own purpose and we can still feel anything we choose to feel on this day and we are still here to create, express and to be. We Choose to Be Here. And we choose to be here still without the people we have physically loved and adored because our Soul knows we still have work to do. Our soul also never loses that connection to love, to anybody. We are just in need of learning the art of remembering.

These Masters that are transitioning this year are choosing a very auspicious time in our Vibrational History – as they were pioneers in communicating themselves, they were outrageous in their expressions, they were awakening with their art, they were becoming right in front of our eyes and they were always always always more like us, in any stage of our becoming, than we would ever be like them. Because we are not meant to be like them, we are meant to be our own Masters and we can learn from them simply by their sheer will and determination to shine through the fog of conditions and beliefs.

They broke their own mould – they did their job here and in the wake of the physical absence, we fall back on ourselves to learn how to place this in the proper context for our growth and it simply serves nobody to keep these events as somber and soul-crushing when in fact, it is probably the deepest reasons for celebration and exaltation.

We are energy. We cannot be destroyed, we only change forms. Can we stop ignoring this as a basic construct of our being?!

Can we stop pretending or even denying the possibility that we can communicate with Spirit after they have transitioned off of this physical plane? Can we learn to open ourselves up to the possibilities that would expand our consciousness with even the mere entertainment of such a thought.

We do not have to be sad when someone transitions. We just don’t. We can be. We can feel it. But we choose to. Over and Over and Over again by refusing to not look at the other possibilities of this dynamic energy that flashed before our eyes, who we now have to only perceive with our other senses. We can still feel them through joy and through deep, abiding love and respect – but in order to do that, we have to let go of our pain and our false beliefs about death and the victimization that death brings.

But can we do that? The Masters making their transitions this year would say that you must. Do you know why? Because a lot of shit has happened in their life, a lot of things that could have made them a victim to their circumstances but did not. Do you know why they weren’t heralded as victims? Because they chose, thought by thought, belief by belief to know they were something more – and so they became and wrote their own story…as we all do.

They are more like us, than we are like them. Too many of us will keep ourselves a victim just so we don’t have to face the pain and uncertainty of Rising in our own Power. It is scary on that ledge and we have a whole host of reasons of why we cannot be out there – but they, like Death, are false premises designed by the conditions of our time. Masters dare to live outside of Conditioning.

Fear of Death keeps us small. It keeps us in check and contained. And the Masters making their transitions will show us, still, how free they were and continue to be and we need only be inspired by their Entire Journey to know that we can do anything by the power of our thoughts alone. By what we believe about ourselves and others and by what we believe life to be.

We are not victims of anything. These Masters chose their exit, on a soul level and exited in a way of their choosing and I so celebrate that in my heart today. I celebrate the music and the art, the movies and the books and I celebrate that at anytime I can stretch my consciousness to the place where all is and find them anytime I want to and use their experience as Inspiration and Fuel for my own.

Because I am my own Master, breaking my own Mould and that is the bigger lesson of this year. But we will see a lot of legends making their exits and thus creating space only for our inevitable Rise.

That is all. You can choose to be sad and certainly feel what you feel but don’t let yourself stay there. By inspired by the Journey. Let yourself explore the deeper questions about why we’re here and where we return to after we transition and then let yourself feel comforted by their presence in random moments – do not let “death” be the thing that keeps you from living. Though we will witness it as such for as long as we falsely believe we are victim to it.

We simply are not.

How do I know? Call it a deep, spiritual knowing but also call it a good feeling and the commitment to not let myself or my experience be ruled by beliefs that cause fear – that is not why we are here. And the rising of the Earths vibration is seeing to the ascension of this very idea that we cannot be contained anymore by falsities.

We are instead being liberated from them. If we choose to be.

There is no “resting in peace” for the Spirit that transitioned – that is our comforting advice to ourself (that we do not take) as we try to make sense of anything. They are done with their physical experience – there is only joy, only exaltation, only the frontier of what is next for their soul and they are sad over None of it –

One day, we won’t be, either.



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