The Art of Synchronicity



I have only One solid memory of my Papa, my mom’s father. I was 5 and walked through a room he was in. He sat me down on the bed, opened up the first drawer in a tall dresser, took something out and sat back down beside me. He gave me a horseshoe. A real, very heavy (for a 5 year old) horseshoe. And said only  – (or the only thing I remember )     “Here, I think it’s important that you have this.”

I remember running off happily and then it just being with me as I grew up. It was always “somewhere” that I never kept great track of and I would find it randomly and automatically remember this one memory I have of him. It moved with me, amazingly, every where I went and it finally went up on the wall when my husband and I had our first place, where it became one of the first things we would place in every other residence after.

It was only when it was placed in our home when we moved to Canada that my father in law commented that it was hung the wrong way and that his mother ( a Pisces 🙂 ) would say that our luck runs out of the bottom, …perhaps we should change it?.

We changed it that night – haha. I mean, in part because I felt like I received sage advice from a fellow Piscean and part because it just seemed to make perfect sense!

The Heart of my Healing Journey started just a couple of years ago. With A magnificent transition from pain to joy and an awe-inspiring opening of perception, love, inspiration, clarity, and motivation as I moved to create change in my world.

And I am loving my journey right now.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, with a forever continuous expansion in learning energy and vibration and I am an Astrologer who intends and strives to use the symbols of the planets and stars to connect people to a much larger picture of themselves than they could have even imagined and to light a path to freedom from the only thing that truly binds them:          Their Beliefs.

I’m on my way.

I have to say that I have always been guided by the synchronicity around me. I have always felt protected by something I could not see. I have always had insight available to me and I have always felt spiritual partnership in some way; and when I did not feel it very strongly, it was to only come out of that period of my life,  with not only a stronger feeling but now with  an Amazing Knowing of that partnership. So I try to listen as close as I can to my guidance system and when I began my certifications, I reached out in the community to volunteer my services and I found groups where my Belonging felt natural, open and complete with love as I continue healing this journey.

My love for Astrology is more than how it fits together for me, more than how it is really one giant game of connect-the-dots and more than any validation that I get from any of my clients. It is in the way the universe moves to support me and give me signs that I am loved and doing exactly the right thing, …even when I do not feel that I am.

I have a knowing that I am Right On Time.

It is Aries Season: A time for new beginnings and initiations and  Tomorrow, April 6, 2016 is my first talk ever that I will be giving on the topic of Astrology. I am Super Excited and I know my message is going to be empowering, positive, innovative and connecting. Along with it being Aries season, the planet Venus, a planet that represents our inner feelings and the creations that spring from that energy, is also moving into Aries and will be in the 1st degree on the night I give my talk. We are heading into, not only a New Moon in Aries, but a Super New Moon, where its effects can be felt as magnified, all of this energy fixed over my house of Resources.

I am caught in the blanket of the Universe and have never felt more connected.

At least I didn’t until I realized something else very very very important about Tomorrow April 6: It is also my Papa’s Birthday.

Best of Luck, Indeed.


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