Coming Out Happy

behappybebrightbeyouI have changed the way I see Life. All Life. Not just mine.

I have held a belief that I must feel the way people around me feel in order for me to help them, in order for me to show/prove that I understand where they are. I am a natural empath – suuuuuuper sensitive, so I absorbed feeling and emotion when I was younger and because I understood what they were feeling, I would try to comfort anyways. So I also held a belief that I had no control over the feelings that I absorbed and that if one person was mad around me, my interpretation of those feelings, be it more anger or fear, was inevitable – or, I believed that I could not be happy when other people were not.

I held a belief that we were powerless to our emotions. I held a belief that because I couldn’t pull someone up with my also natural, boundless joy; that it was I who failed. I who wasn’t getting it, I who didn’t see the reality… I was so so so wrong.

But in all of the Right Ways.

There is a well known quote that says Emotional Sensitivity is a blessing as well as Curse.

This is where I’m Changing.

Emotional Sensitivity is THE Blessing. We can know very quickly what we want when we are faced with a reality we do not want. We can know very quickly what feels good to us and very quickly when something feels poorly. We are heightened to the needs of others which heightens our awareness to the needs in ourself and then we learn that when those needs are met, so are everybody else’s.

We have a direct line of communication with our guidance system through our emotions and what more of a blessing do you need than that?

We have Infinite Access to the Emotion of Our Choice. (So Choose Wisely)

Emotionally Sensitive = Spiritual Bad-Ass (with Practice)

And Anybody who Feels the Emotions, can tune into this inner guidance, so I am officially off the hook for the responsibility of others emotional management systems.

Liberating. Freeing. Exhilarating. Joyous.

I can just focus on me. My Emotions. And the thoughts that direct or carry them to where I am going. And I can choose the thoughts that I think, that affect the emotion that I hold in my body and express from myself, that in turn, creates/co-creates my entire experience.

I can be in Conscious Direction of All of That. And it Can be So So Good.

And I can learn, along the way, how to navigate this journey of being Empowered through Emotions and how to Empower others through Emotions by mastering Empowerment through myself.

I can be Happy because I am Happy. I can feel fulfilled because I am Fulfilled. I can feel exhilaration because my work and service excite me in every way. I can laugh with children and join in their imaginative play (still working on this one)

I can let shit go because it doesn’t make me feel good and I do not have the carry the emotional load of others to understand their path.

I can hold the place in myself where joy and wholeness are abundant and hold a space for their inevitable return. Sometimes I can help, Sometimes I can’t –

But my focus, my dedication, my intention is solely to feel good within myself – to not dim my Happy because others are not or to Shrink my enthusiasm because another’s fear is big.

I have been afraid to be “Too Happy” – in part because I held the belief that it was out of my control and it would always go away at some point – the waiting for that is excruciating and is counter-productive to the whole Happy thing, btw.

I have held the belief that my happiness would be confronted, opposed, argued and I would have to defend it.

But others Understanding is also Officially Out of my Area of Responsibility and I fill the circle in which I stand with the thoughts I choose to think, that in turn, creates what is and will continue to become an Amazing, Glorious, Exciting, Fulfilling, Healing Life Experience. The Other Shoe has Dropped and the rest of the Journey is in finding/maintaining the Balance of both feet on the ground.

My Belief is Now in the Knowing of This Truth and My Optimism is for the Realization to Dawn in Others as Their Truth.

Happiness is a Truth I am breathing into with Every Conscious Moment I can Shift my Emotional Energy,  Every Moment I am Conscious of the Choice.

Every Moment I let my Emotional Sensitivity Work For Me and I practice Empowerment in my choices.

Happiness is just the Natural Effect and Always, Always, Always Within Our Reach.

It is who we are Naturally.

And that is Who I Am, As Well.














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