How I use Reiki


In August of 2014, I reached a turning point when I went to the emergency room thinking I could finally be having that heart attack I was so worried about, but it turned out to be one of my (then) frequently occurring panic attacks.  They ran tests and nothing came back abnormal and I knew then this was my chance to change a momentum in my life that had been carried by fear for many many years. 

After my first experience with Reiki, I was hooked,  felt ignited and truly tapped by Source Energy. That night as I lay in bed settling for sleep; I put my hands on my belly and asked for Reiki energy to flow through my hands and to my body. I didn’t know what it would do and I actually love that I had the faith right then to even do it and keep doing it every night before I slept. I would put my hands on my belly or my chest when I was watching tv and ask for the flow of energy; anything that I could do with one hand meant that the other hand was free to channel Reiki to myself and consciously reach for this quiet energy to do its highest, possible good. Then I practiced faith that I would receive this energy and allow the transformations to happen.

The hardest part about Reiki is in the Letting Go of what needs to Go in order to Heal and Accept Light and Love in its Place. Though Once Received,  Reiki can be Everything we need and make it to be.


I was guided to affirm my purpose and my life every, single day. It is hard to deny a greater love within yourself when you consciously reach for it every day to appear. I affirm my hope and I affirm what I recognize as blessings and I affirm the willingness to heal, Every Day.

  • I listen to the signals in my body.
  • My body is getting healthier and healthier every day. 
  • I have a divine purpose to heal. 
  • I release all of the blockages to my health consciousness. 


The most simple definition of Reiki, if I had to sum it up in one word, would be: INTENTION
This is where all change is born and the origin of all that can be created and manifested. It begins with the thought that you will do it. 

  • I Intended, (and still Intend everyday) to heal my body.
  • I Intend to live my purpose and to become more aware every day of the ways I could heal.
  • I Intend to practice Health Consciousness 

They do not need to be specific or complicated. I didn’t know what it meant to be healthy when I started but I intended to be it and opened myself up for the guidance on how to let that happen. I didn’t know what health consciousness was when I wrote it, but  now I feel like I have it and that it grows every day as I need it to, by the different choices I want to make, over what I put into or on my body. When Intending to do something,  I remind myself of my right and ability to choose the course of my day and my life and I choose consciously to accept the guidance to make it happen.

I ask for Reiki Energy to flow to my Intentions and Affirmations, Practice Faith that the Highest Good will Be done and Allow for any Transformations to take place.

Every Day I Intend and Affirm but I also forgive myself if I don’t “succeed” at my intentions and felt crappy about my body some days. I recognize that change can happen slowly, especially when you are in the process of shifting momentum.  The changes I noticed immediately was just in the awareness of what I wanted to do and how I was equally aware of what I was doing that seemed to not fit with me anymore…even things I usually gravitated towards didn’t hold the appeal because then I was exercising a choice to be healthy, not the choice to escape a feeling.  With this practice, it felt like I established healthier habits easier and for longer than I ever previously accomplished.

Over the longer term (1 year) here is Some of what else has changed: 

  • I lost 50 lbs and am still losing/maintaining what I have lost
  • I went from going through  a (large) bottle of Tylonal with Codeine every 10 days for pain relief (for 3 years I did this! Not to mention that many before that where I was on a multitude of other medications)  to Currently having the same bottle of medicine for almost a year. 
  • My eczema went away
  • My anxiety is under my control
  • and it just gets better and more every day that I commit to my healing

I have to say that I surrendered as much as I could in that moment, Last August, when I got back from the hospital, after putting my son and husband through yet another experience connected with my panic and this wave of fear that I had felt under.

I surrendered and have been guided every step of the way on how to let the things go that no longer serve me in a positive, life affirming way. Reiki can be anything we need it to be and these are just a couple of the ways I use this energy to improve my physical health and overall well-being.

And I am So So Much Happier with my Body and My Self.

Sending Love and Light for your own Healing Journey,

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