Before Your Body Is Sick

We have a few collective habits when it comes to disease; and that is to obsessively check our bodies for it, worry about it, research it, run huge campaigns for  screenings and early diagnosis’s, we diagnosis others in our heads and offer our opinions, we compare and contrast our physical bodies, health and well-being to the point that we have developed a tunnel vision in our obsession over it.

There is no doubt that Illness is big, big business. There is a huge incentive in perpetuating the awareness of disease, and it isn’t in “finding the cure” (because there will never be an outside source that is agreed upon or is conclusive); The Incentive to Heal lays in the manifestation of the disease itself.

For the manufacturers of all medications, it’s a win- they will never not want new customers.  For the person who is sick, it is a validation of themselves that looks as real as it has felt and now that it is confirmed – that is where our energy must be diverted to. That is where care and love and attention are needed.


But what about the days, months, and even Years before receiving any diagnosis within your body? Dis-ease and Illness were still present through the realms of all of our emotional responses, thought processes and mental patterns and day to day functioning.

And we don’t promote screening for that. If we do, it is the form of Labelling it as Mental Illness and then it is further separated from what desperately needs to be brought together and united:
The Causal Relationship between Mind/Emotions and the Physical Body/Experience.

There is no separation.

Our fatal habit is in not paying attention to ourselves within before we have something “Real” to See, Touch, Taste, Feel, Hear, and Cure to the Outside World.

Only, the disease was already real when it was in the form of mental anguish, fears, unresolved traumas, worry, the emotions that make up the stories of our life that cause the original abscess and  grows into something we can no longer ignore or deny within.

We are aware of disease before it manifests in the body because we obsessively search for the Cause outside of ourselves. We witness it in others and feel victimized over its seemingly random and cruel visitation upon our loved ones. We hold ourselves in a position that keeps us from understanding the root of all disease:

Our Emotions, Our Mind, Our Thoughts, Our Belief Systems, Our Wounds, Our Traumas –and the Invalidation of all of it, as a cause.

Why? Because that means that it is OUR Cause. It Manifested first within us and that does not fit in with the collective posturing that we take as victims when we are sick.

This is hard to write for a couple of reasons: Nobody wants to hear this. And nobody is more sensitive to the perception of “Victim” than I feel I am–because I wore it for So So long.  I struggled when I first Awakened – when I had my first feelings that there was more to my life’s purpose than perpetuating mental and physical illness– but then, Who Was I? If I wasn’t recoiling from the world or my family because of my ptsd and all that I had been through, Who Was I? If I didn’t focus entire days on my physical body and how much it hurt, Who Was I and how could I ever represent another version of myself to anybody who knows me as “Sick”? If I took responsibility for what I thought and felt and healed within, did it mean that none of what has ever happened before even mattered?

Yes and No.

There is a way to validate ourselves and our experiences, to feel empowered within them and decide to heal. In that way, they matter. There is a way to release others from responsibility over our illnesses and forge understanding into forgiveness – in that way, the past no longer matters. We release others from the responsibility of making us whole, and we realize that we already are within our own efforts of cleaning and clearing the mental/emotional beliefs that held traumatic experiences within the body- for once they are released,  they manifest healing and not disease.

This all came about when I was watching a host get emotional over reminding everybody to check for breast cancer in their body- how important it is to check and be vigilant…. and what could happen if we didn’t.

And I fervently wished that we collectively promoted that vigilance over our own thoughts and emotions, to recognize them as real indicators in the need for real healing before it manifests as Real in the Body: where it is then Only believed to be real by the verification and agreement of others.

By not recognizing all that comes before, we simply add another layer to our emotional/energy body that needs further healing, where it gets moved to the back of the line until it can be recognized as real in the body.

It is a vicious cycle.

My disclaimer is that I am not against self-checks for cancer/disease. It is self-care to take care of your body. I am not against treatment for disease or anything that anybody feels the need to do to heal their bodies. 
But I feel the need to bring awareness to this perception.  I am also clearing a lot of negative beliefs about how disease is treated in our culture and choose to recognize the blessing that can be realized in our current system: the access to treatments, medications, facilities to encourage health and wellness. It can all be brought to its highest, possible good. And is when one can cure both physical and mental dis-ease within the same system.

But that is the exception and not the rule. The current system provides a cycle that we enter in and out of willingly, until we can recognize the cause within and heal the pain stored in our emotional bodies first before we ever need someone’s permission or validation that we should heal what is hurting, that which nobody sees.

It all starts within. Let’s bring that into our Awareness as we are obsessively searching for symptoms that validate what has needed to be healed long before any diagnosis is ever spoken. The Hurt and The Healing –It All Starts Within.

Sending Love and Light,


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