Virgo Season: Discipline is Taught from Within

With all of our personal planets in Virgo at this time and an upcoming Full Moon in Pisces on its way, it felt like the right time to explore the subject of Discipline and how it relates to our consciousness and sense of self.

Virgo is widely associated with anxiety, crisis, comparisons and our feeling of self-worth. It is the last sign and house in our chart where we are holding the weight of our early education before it gets processed outside of ourselves with the rest of the world.

There is so much pressure to “Get it right” and to not create (too many) waves of disruption in our interactions with others, to strike the balance between our wants and needs and the needs of others. We all walk around with invisible trigger warnings over our heads and it can feel impossible to please everyone and still remain true to yourself.

And it is impossible. You cannot be worried about pleasing others and adequately see to your own happiness fully and completely.

Our Gemini energy symbolizes the other voices and teachings we absorb as our own. We watch and learn what other people do and in Virgo, we learn how to distinguish if what people do matches with what people say; and our social education consists of finding the truth in those spaces where it doesn’t match up – Our instincts are then thrown off because we have to readjust our own actions, thoughts and feelings in our responses to others.

That is a lot of stress. It can be hard to ever feel secure when we are trained to constantly evaluate and adjust ourselves for the people around us.

We are taught that our own education is not enough. That we must listen to our parents, elders, teachers, religious leaders, and our government to know anything of how the world works and our place in it.

The polarity in Pisces will tell you that is not true. Virgo in its purest form symbolizes your alignment with your own cosmic truth – and from that alignment, the ability to discipline and teach yourself who you are and how to be in this world is compelled entirely from within and the source of all inner security you will ever need (Natural Virgo-Capricorn Trine)

Our Virgo energy encapsulates our larger subconscious learning as it becomes more conscious. We can not help but learn patterns of behavior from our early years teachers and we cannot help but repeat that behavior as we have been taught and disciplined to do so. When we have reactions to others, it is that subconscious programming coming up to ping our awareness and whether those interactions feel good or not, is your indication on whether you’re programming is helpful to you or not.

Most of it, is not. 70% of our early programming is negative and critical. We are overwhelmingly taught that we are wrong before being able to feel “right.”

And this is the great anxiety of our lives.

Pisces will tell us that we are never wrong for being, for living, for existing, for thinking, for feeling, for wanting! We are not wrong in any way of our existence.

Harnessing your Virgo Energy

The higher energy of Virgo will teach you that there is an aligned way to become the right version of yourself.

This Virgo season take some time to connect with yourself.

  • Check in, be silent, be open and be self-forgiving for what you have learned that may not be serving you anymore. And know that when you know better, you really do become better.
  • Invoke the Piscean energy of understanding and compassion that it is not your fault for what you are taught (But it does become your responsibility). Know that your soul had a bigger picture in mind when it agreed to be born into the family you have!
  • Become comfortable with what you want and why you want it. Practice the feeling of being worthy of what you want out of this life.
  • Practice meditation, yoga or another energetic discipline that will help you slow down your thoughts and your reactions to others.

In this way, you are teaching yourself how to be in this world and you are forging your own path of Belonging with those who would love and support you. You teach yourself who you are and then you teach others how to treat you. If you are self-accepting, you won’t feel the insecurities and needs to have all others accept you. You will have taught yourself that you are enough. 

And you are. 

Our society and culture may have co-opted the term Discipline to mean punishment and that is certainly how we subconsciously feel about rules that are imposed upon ourselves. But true discipline is not punishment, it is a learning practice that is born from within us and is the only true knowledge that we can access and use to our best advantage. 

It is not only okay to do that, but it is ultimately our responsibility to unlearn what no longer works in our life and re-learn what does. Connecting to yourself in silence, meditation and compassion brings forth that truth and creates a secure mental foundation to explore every other relationship in your life without feeling like you are wrong for being you. 

We are all responsible for this discipline in ourselves. We all belong somewhere. Allow this Virgo season to teach you how that feels and looks like for you and create a commitment to meet yourself there in that place until it is a natural expression of who you are. 

When it comes to anxiety, insecurities and the crisis of our lives, the only way out is through – but to come through it in the right way for you, is to know yourself.

And the only way to truly know yourself,  is to teach yourself about who you are and who you want to be. 

training your mind to think

Sending so much love to you on your path, 






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