New Moon in Leo: Aligning with who you are

Hot. Hot. Hot. and I am not just talking about the Earth.

This New Moon in Leo is surrounded by the intuitive energy of Venus and the action energy of Mars in the same sign. That is A LOT of Fire Power and a great reason to set your new moon intentions to step more into your light, expand it and grow yourself into the blindingly glorious vision you held for yourself before you were born.

What does it mean to step into your light? Well, first you have to realize that you are more light than you are matter. You have an energetic body that is bigger and extends exponentially from your physical body. Choosing to expand the definition of who you see yourself to be and what that means for you, is a big step towards embracing this lighter side of yourself while allowing you to shine in ways that you never did before.

When we use the Sun as symbolism, we are aligning with the necessity of being, the vital component within each of us that reminds us that we are the givers and bringers of life, itself. We are brighter and more powerful than we think ourselves to be and this New Moon is reminding you that the fire is within you to realize it.

The Sun does not ask permission to shine. And neither should you.

Mercury stations direct shortly after this new moon and you can take that opportunity to shake off the emotional debris that has been held by you and surrounding you for a long time, longer than this current retrograde period.

Mercury in Cancer guides you to connecting the information you observe, receive and imprint to your heart-mind because that is where all of your truth will resonate. It is your divine right to know this. And it is your divine responsibility to claim it.

Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a supportive angle to all of this Leo energy. I read this as a long awaited spiritual empowerment boost as more and more people grow out of the confines of religious doctrine. Nobody can give you God or hold your worthiness in their hands for reckoning on your soul.

Respectfully, I have called Bullshit on that premise since I was a little girl.

Your soul is your soul and you are an integrated and inseparable part of the Source energy from which we all come. Call it God, Universe, Energy, Source – whatever; the name is actually yours to decide. But whatever you call it, know that it holds the Sun, Moon, Earth and everything we hold in wonder, in perfect harmony, too.

And it has always, always, always held you, too.

The Neptune in Pisces transit holds the space for healing the remembering and resonance of this truth. Nobody holds your worth, but you and your divine counterpart. You are the same being. And you can find the feeling of that truth when you are able to let go of the false beliefs fed to you by others that, if you are honest with yourself, you know are not true by the way they make you feel.

The power struggle of our consciousness is being played out collectively and symbolized by the Pluto, Saturn (and soon to be Jupiter) in Capricorn transits. And that is okay. Everything will be fine. Seriously.

Because it is only the internal struggle that you can do anything about and it is only that work that we do individually that can transform us collectively.

That is your prime responsibility: to remove that struggle and resistance to feeling bigger than you are, more special than you have allowed yourselves to feel, more surrounded by unconditional love than anybody ever told you was possible. Only you can uncover that connection within yourself and claim it to allow it to shine from within you unrestrained and without the permission of anybody else.

There is a sweet spot of existence when you know this fullness in yourself and it is balanced within you to not only shine your light but to also allow the lights around you to shine, as well.

We are all Leo’s at this time. Some of us are shining, some of us are learning, some of us are stepping into new, exciting territory and this energy will only expand, expand and expand.

If you are not feeling this energy, that is okay, their is still healing work to be done and the Chiron in Aries transit will point your attention to those wounds that can only heal with the divine intervention you request and open yourself up to receive. It is there for you and you are more than worthy to step into that comfort and soothe your soul for as long as you need.

Everybody and everything is changing. Tomorrows transits will look differently than today’s because Creation does not stop. And our consciousness can only expand in time with it to the extent we allow it too. Releasing beliefs that no longer serve you or limit you in any way is a first step to navigating this energy, because like the universe, you are unlimited in your potential to become.

It is only a matter of time before you feel it, believe it and then see it for yourself.

Sending so much love to you on your path,


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