Full Moon in Capricorn: Everything is Real. You get to decide what is true.

There is no shortage of stories of how we are all handling the energy of the world today. We are all doing the best we can.

Yes. All of us. Where ever we are, from whatever level of consciousness we hold and communicate through, we are all just doing our best.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by personal and collective events and when we look to the skies for answers, we can either feel inspired by our cosmic potential or we can feel small, ineffectual and worried over what will happen that we believe we have no control over.

All of Astrology is an exercise in Self Awareness.

And where Astrology is “the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.” You have to understand that you are the Celestial Body that has the most influence on yourself and your natural world.

Read that again. 😉

There is no planetary transit or moon cycle that has the power to create in your life. Nothing happens as a consequence because of a full moon – (even an eclipse) but as the creative component of universal energy that you are, you have the opportunity to align with these natural cycles and connect with yourself as a force of nature.

The universe and Earth, itself, maintains a perfect order and when we recognize the truth of who we are, we are free to align with the energy of that order and embody the cosmic consciousness available to us.

Take a few deep breaths because it is all going to work out.

As Above, So Below

Planetary Positions of Support and Full Moon Message

Collectively and personally, we are all trying to find balance in our life, while also trying to reconcile the extreme emotional, mental and physical energy around us PLUS find a way through it all to be true to who we are..if we even know who that person is, yet.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Trine Mars and Mercury in Leo

Every present moment includes the epiphany you need to move forward.

How you think and feel, what you are paying attention to and what you do about it are all vital components in the way you are growing yourself. Jupiter in its ruling sign of Sagittarius invites you to find the truth of who you are by noticing how you feel in the present moment. Mars and Mercury in Leo offer inspiration to go after what you think you want and to not hesitate in putting yourself first for a change.

It is only in this present moment awareness can we make the choices we need to make that move us in the direction that is true for us. We all have a vision of who we want to be – that vision does not just materialize in front of us. It is a day by day decision that we make in the moment; and by employing the awareness of how we are feeling to guide us, it is the difference between consciously creating what we want and feeling victimized by where our unconscious choices take us.

Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to remind you that you are bigger than what you see and that your growth is guaranteed – but the enjoyment of the journey is all in how aware you are to use the cosmic gifts you have been given to be who you want to be.

Uranus in Taurus Square Mars and Mercury in Leo

The only thing stopping you from receiving the epiphanies, insight and clarity you need to expand, is your steadfast observance of the way reality is now and a memorization of the past that keeps it reoccurring in your present.

It is doing the same thing, day in and day out, wanting change to occur but leaving no room for growth because the old cycles of thought have not yet been released. You still feel traumatized by your past, beholden to the job you hate, unable to forgive or just feeling to scared and insecure to step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes in order to get to the breakthrough – you have to be courageous enough to let things break down. And when things break down, you have to be even more courageous to not rush to fix it back into the place it was.

You have to let yourself transform: your ideas, your beliefs, your words and your actions. There is an innate rebellion that pulses through each soul and Uranus in Taurus symbolizes feeling the comfort of that rebellion as the next, natural step in your evolution. It, too, is guidance and can only lead you to the truth of who you are and where you want to be.

Full Moon, Pluto, S. Node and Saturn in Capricorn Opposite Sun, Venus, N.Node in Cancer

I mentioned earlier that there is a balance of extremes taking place personally and collectively; and there is no greater need for balance then when you are standing on the edge of what your past has been and what you want to become.

Sagittarius teaches us that everything is real – every story that anybody has ever told anybody else is real and this is what our shared reality is. Capricorn teaches us that what we believe to be true of that reality, is what we end up creating in our life over time. This full moon in Capricorn is shining light on our personal truth and invites you to answer the question:

“What is true for me right now?”

If you are stuck in the past (Pluto and Saturn energies), you are not living your truth. If you are living someone else’s version of success, you are not living your truth. If you know that you are unhappy with the way things are, you are closer to your truth than ever before.

The Sun, N. Node and Venus in Cancer reminds us that our truth feels good. And when we are connected to it, we feel more self-secure, confident and nurtured by ourselves and the universe. You are allowed to be selfish as a means of self-preservation. You are allowed to define yourself. You are allowed to explore who you are and step fully into your light.

Your relationships hold the key.

Pay attention to those around you that bring out the best of your energy and those that deplete it. And then exercise your divine right to decide where you want to be and with who. Allow your intuitive antennae to work for you and practice awareness of how you feel when you are with others.

Are you triggered more than you are inspired? If so, you have a responsibility more to yourself than any of those relationships.

Neptune in Pisces creates supportive angles to both the Sun and Moon energies reassuring you that you cannot get it wrong when you embody responsibility for yourself and the way you feel. The way you communicate your story is how you know if you are taking responsibility or being the victim of your circumstances. And again, you are invited to ask:

“What is true for me right now?”

And this time, when you answer that question, be radically kind to yourself.

You are not your past, you are the person who survived it.

You are not being taken advantage of, you are kind hearted and generous and finding the balance between what you give to yourself and others.

You are not a victim. You are the creative component of the universe that helped orchestrate all of the events of your life to this moment where you know more than ever before, ready to step into more of your truth, where there is nothing but unconditional love and acceptance there for you.

The words you use to describe yourself are Everything because they are not just words – they are the energetic building blocks to who you are becoming.

And when you are aware of the present moment, you are then a master builder. Saying no to what feels like a no, saying yes to what excites you, deciding to work somewhere else, accepting an invitation to somewhere new.

You get to decide all of that and every other little thing that is a divine composition of who you are.

Knowing this is how you create the vision you hold for yourself over time and ignoring this truth is how you keep doing the same thing day after day wishing it were different and allowing yourselves to believe the real feeling of powerlessness as your personal truth –

But its not. The feeling is real. But the truth is that you are always going to be bigger than that and able to influence all feelings that come up within you by the decisions you make in the present moment.

Take a deep breath. It is all going to work out.

One Aware Moment at a Time.

Sending lots of love to you on your path,


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